back to article China to allow overseas investment in VPNs but Beijing keeps control of the generally discouraged tech

After years of restricting the use and ownership of VPNs, Beijing has agreed to let foreign entities hold up to a 50 per cent stake in domestic VPN companies. China has simultaneously a huge market and strict rules for VPNs as the country's Great Firewall attempts to keep its residents out of what it deems undesirable content …

  1. Blackjack Silver badge

    "The foreign companies will be expected to maintain internet censorship requirements, store data in local servers that authorities can access, and report those who are using censorship-skirting tech."

    The whole reason people use VPNs in China is to avoid censorship, that's like selling bottled water but if you drink the water the Chinese government arrests you.

    1. You aint sin me, roit
      Black Helicopters

      Apple have already applied...

      And to sweeten the deal they'll throw in on-device censorship...

      "We scanned the files that you might send over the VPN, and alerted the authorities"

  2. MrTuK

    Western money need to stay out of China, its that simple. If you invest then you are complicit to what goes on there, Forced Organ transplants etc. The only way to stop the CCP/PLA machine is to with western money.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We need to do same over here, Western countries to own 50% of Chinese companies if they want to operate over here and all data remains in local data centres and not shipped to China.

    China will soon cry foul.

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Nice idea, but while so many Western businesses are heavily reliant on Chinese manufacturing it's unlikely to work. China has the West by the balls and they know it.

      Dervisify supply chains first, to move all manufacturing reliance away from China, then do it.

  4. nijam Silver badge

    The whole article left me thinking "what's the point?" and perhaps more pertinently, "why would anyone bother investing in China for this or any other reason?"

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