back to article Keep expectations low and you won't be disappointed: OVH manages 6 per cent increase on its IPO debut

French cloud and colocation service provider OVH has edged a 6 per cent increase in its nominal market valuation following its initial public offering on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. The Gallic tech challenger, viewed by some as the great cloud hope for Europe, has faced its fair share of challenges this year, having …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IPO up in smoke?

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    6 per cent on IPO means it was priced about right

    A lot of fuss is made about share price rises on IPO but the fact is, the smaller the deviation, the better the pricing. "Pops" as the banks like to call them get lots of attention but they generally indicate deliberate underpricing in order to favour institutional investors.

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