back to article Citrix has built a browser, and lost a CEO

Citrix has created a web browser and lost its CEO. According to a regulatory filing, in early October, the company's board appointed Robert M. Calderoni as interim CEO, after David Henshall stepped down from the role. The change was sudden and unexpected but appears to have been amicable as Henshall continues as an advisor to …

  1. tip pc Silver badge

    As they say in Yorkshire

    That'll do

  2. JonnyT

    Potentially Unwanted Program?

    The Citrix Workspace App has installed Microsoft Edge WebView2 since version 2108, is this different? The forced installation of Edge WebView2 with the Workspace App is a particular pain in offline or "dark" environments, as the Workspace App launches the Edge WebView2 Bootstrapper, which then 'phones home' to Microsoft to download the full installation.

    Does this fall under the umbrella of a Potentially Unwanted Program? How different is it from the ads for Chrome during installing a bit of freeware.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Potentially Unwanted Program?

      Unlikely - apart from it being a fairly innocuous Microsoft component (an HTML viewer) - you agree to the EULA before it happens.

      Maybe you need something more Linuxy for you use-case anyway.

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