back to article Bad news, AMD fans: This week's Windows 11 update didn't fix your performance woes (they may be worse)

Windows 11 received its first bundle of fixes this week, but AMD users hoping for respite from performance issues that have dogged their PCs were to be disappointed. In fact, for some, performance might have actually got a bit worse. It wasn't the news AMD fangirls and fanboys were hoping for. After AMD noted performance …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    "... windows ME (yeah I'm old)"

    Some people are such barstewards ...

    1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

      Being a millennial apparently makes you old now.

    2. Danny 14

      Yeah, in my day cpus didnt even have L2 cache never mind L3.

      Ironically that was probably around ME days with the pre P3.

      1. Ian 55


        I think I had to install discrete chips to get a real cache on my first 80386 PC that could have one.

    3. Ian 55


      I'm still not sure Windows 1.03 is ready for use.

      Probably a bit late now if it is - I sold the 5.25" disks and manual for a surprisingly large sum a few years ago.

  2. BOFH in Training Silver badge

    AMD V-Cache

    Since this is an issue with L3 cache in AMD CPUs, wonder if the upcoming AMD CPUs with the V-Cache will also have a similar problem initially.

  3. TheSwearingWelshman

    mmmm im the opposite

    Not sure this is all AMD chips! Since my upgrade (fresh install) my performance has gotten way better, boot time has been slahsed by 50% and the general speed and performance is much better!

  4. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    Looks like that was a BIG brown envelope

    So not only do we have "must run on latest Intel Silicon" ("oops, forgot Surface!", it was that rushed out.) but it also has an oh-so-accidental borkage of AMD chips, so that Intel are now top for desktop performance again!

    Am I the only one detecting the aroma of fish?

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Looks like that was a BIG brown envelope

      Some sort of deal between Intel and Microsoft to screw over AMD? inconceivable !

    2. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      Re: Looks like that was a BIG brown envelope

      Intel on top? I think you mean Windows is bottom for performance, at least on the hardware that matters.

  5. Omnipresent

    are we getting the picture yet?

    It's a HOG. It's stealing everything you have, and taking over the computer you shelled out for, but don't really own, and nobody wants back. We have a problem good people, we need a third choice, in a very bad way. We are currently Slaves to technology. Do you want the red pill, or the blue? They both end in annihilation, "choose your destroyer."

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: are we getting the picture yet?

      Linux. How hard is this to understand?

      We have the third choice.

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: are we getting the picture yet?

        >We have the third choice.

        VMS ?

        Although I'm hearing so many stories about people being anti-VAX

        1. aerogems Silver badge

          Re: are we getting the picture yet?

          > Although I'm hearing so many stories about people being anti-VAX

          Have to give you credit for the pun, but then I also have to ding you for the lack of the coat icon.

        2. MrDamage Silver badge

          Re: are we getting the picture yet?

          Grab your coat and get the fuck out.

          And take this with you. ->

      2. Omnipresent

        Re: are we getting the picture yet?

        which one? and will it run my apps? and will it give me back my computer? I have no idea lol.

        1. Omnipresent

          Re: are we getting the picture yet?

          I mean, I'm certainly not going to do an hour of research before i do trial and error to do simple tasks. I'm trying to spend LESS time with technology.

    2. simonlb

      Re: are we getting the picture yet?

      I've been looking at the picture now for a good few years and yes, Windows is a great big steaming pile of shit and not fit for purpose, which I why I no longer use it at home. YMMV.

  6. ecofeco Silver badge

    And it begins... again


  7. aerogems Silver badge

    Makes me curious

    This just strikes me as being similar to the ordeal with XP SP3 systems with AMD chips not working correctly. At first everyone blamed Microsoft, but it turned out the culprit was HP/Compaq. They were lazy about making images for systems, that laziness bit them (or more properly, their customers) in the ass when Microsoft changed something with SP3.

    In this case it sounds like AMD was doing some things to kind of game the system with Windows, which, ok, they want to provide the best performance for people using their hardware, that's understandable... but they were relying on the Windows process scheduler to remain the same, and evidence seems to point to Microsoft having made some changes (maybe further spectre mitigations?) which caused AMD's optimization efforts to backfire.

    Sherlock, because clearly they need the best to get to the bottom of this.

    1. Jamesit

      Re: Makes me curious

      I believe it was an Intel power management driver.

  8. DS999 Silver badge

    I learned a long time ago

    don't upgrade your Windows OS for at least 6 months after first release. A year is probably better. until you have absolutely no choice.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I learned a long time ago

      I learned a long time ago, don't install Windows unless you have absolutely no choice.

  9. ADRM

    I tried 11 on my main system with a Ryzen 2700X EVGA 980Ti Classified and 32Gb 3200 Mhz Ram

    I found it ran OK but there were far too many workarounds with the Start Menu and File explorer for it to be usable. I have a large collection of music FLAC files and there are folder icons of the image of the CD/ LP case. Imagine my surprise when I found out to make the system more streamlined they removed the preview from all the folder icons. Music and photos look the same. I thought that is it and rolled back to 10 which I only upgraded to in January 2020. I have advice to Windows 11 potential users. Don't bother it is a frustrating waste of time.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I have a Ryzen 5 3600, 2070 Super and Win 11, I play games and I havnt noticed anything any different. Tried F1 2020, RDR 2 and a bunch of other crap but I cant notice any slowdown. Maybe in my advancing years and my dodgy eyesight its seems to play games the same as Win 10, but apart from explorer occasionally taking its sweet time to show the drive contents, its been fine. Excpet the way it hides the icons next to the clock. That cheeses me off.

    1. RAMChYLD

      Re: Eh?

      I've been noticing that the game intermittently stuttering every few minutes after upgrading to Windows 11. Never had those stutters in Windows 10.

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