back to article Want a piece of GitLab? It's going to cost you: IPO price per share settles at $77

The one-stop shop approach by DevOps darling GitLab appears to have attracted an Initial Public Offering price of $77, giving the loss-making biz a potential valuation of $11bn GitLab finally filed for an IPO in September and this week upped the estimated price per share to between $66 and $69. The eventual price has turned …

  1. Tom 38

    I use gitlab all day every day, and that seems overpriced to me. At a guess, I should expect price rises in the future? If they raise prices, they'd no longer be a budget github*, and then we have to think of shifting to github :/

    * I mean, they haven't actually been a budget github since they got rid of the bronze/silver subs anyway

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      History shows that once a company gets this large, the previous long term users/customers see less and less benefit.

    2. cyberdemon Silver badge

      Not "budget" but at least it's not Microsoft

      So at least you don't have Microsoft sniffing round your data and building AI codebots that automate the plagiarism of your IP..

      And at least it's not tracking you across other platforms like LinkedIn, Teams, MS Office and MS Windows to find out which little dilberts do the most work for the least pay, and emailing with a nice summary of how much more work they could do every month..

  2. Steve Aubrey

    Selling the sizzle

    It's been selling today between 93 and 96. Current market cap is a shade under $13.5B. They can't keep this up forever (same as I said about BitCoin).

    1. Robert Grant

      Re: Selling the sizzle

      > They can't keep this up forever (same as I said about BitCoin)

      It's true for everything, so, yes :-)

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge

    discontinuation of the starter and bronze tiers?

    So I'm curious: what happened then?

    Did people get told to pony up or lose their projects?

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