back to article AlmaLinux Foundation chair says he stepped down to highlight value of community status

Igor Seletskiy, the founder of the AlmaLinux distro created in December 2020 as an alternative to CentOS, has explained that he stepped down as chair of the AlmaLinux Foundation in an effort to strengthen its community status - though his company still dominates the board. AlmaLinux is one of several distros to have sprung up …

  1. ScissorHands

    I hope there's room for both Alma and Rocky

    Because none of them have set the world on fire but Rocky has the celebrity, the hardware vendors and it's american; the survival rate of European Linux has been less than a snowflake in a flamethrower (with the exception of SuSE).

  2. NetBlackOps

    If nothing else, this is rather a nice experiment for the various shapes and colo(u)rs an Open Source project can take. Something of a rarity in applied economics.

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "Secure Boot, which requires an EV (Extended Validation) certificate and a shim bootloader signed by Microsoft."

    That's something that needs to be in the hands of an independent organisation. Clearly something the competition regulators haven't noticed.

  4. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    Goody. Because if there is anything the Linux world really, really, really needs, it's more distros. Another dozen and 2022 will be the year of Linux on the desktop. OK, maybe 2023. Perhaps 2024. As soon as fusion power is available.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Cough. This is a server distro, not, primarily, a desktop distro. The sort of distro that runs a huge proportion on fhe internet these days. What's more it's a replacement for one that's ceased to be, at least ceased for the purposes its users required.

      I grant you that Rocky Linux is also a replacement for Centos. Nevertheless, having one too many is better than having one too few, like, for instance, a Windows print server that's both working and secure.

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