back to article Russia-based criminals are still the UK's number 1 cyber-foe, NSO Group's wares a 'red flag' says NCSC chief

A new national cyber strategy will be launched by year-end, the National Cyber Security Centre's chief exec has promised – while calling out spyware vendor NSO Group as a "red flag" for the UK infosec community. Lindy Cameron told the Chatham House international affairs think tank that NSO Group was "something we raised a red …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Star Adam and Eve Turns Needed ........ for Mega Blockbuster Programs ahead.

    If Lindy Cameron's role as National Cyber Security Centre's chief executive as reflected in that Chatham House puff piece were to be recast in the hardcore xxxx porn genre, it would be as wannabe backroom fluffer rather than centre stage star.

    And that's something UKGBNI needs to realise and accept in order to be able to even begin to be able and enabled to deal effectively and truthfully with the mountains of problems increasingly building and cascading down upon them from the realms that capture and captivate souls, hearts and minds and mine and refine and process novel proprietary intellectual property wherever it is to be found, whether at home or in foreign and alien fields, above the Earth or deep underground in secret caverns and dark cloisters.

    Failure to adequately successfully address those monumental requirements leaves one at the mercy of those expert at exploiting such as be great game changing vulnerabilities.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Russia-based criminals are still the UK's number 1 political cash contributors


  3. Bitsminer Silver badge


    That's either too many, or too few.

  4. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge
    Big Brother

    And we must

    relentlessly spy on our own citizens in order to stop russia/china/oceania

    So no more encryption for the proles. and members of the outer party will have 2 way telescreens installed in every room.

    And now... the 2 minute hate....

  5. Scott Broukell

    Build Back Better British Bit Bothering Bots!

  6. Clausewitz 4.0

    Good hard work!

    Good hard work! I am sure you all will achieve the same level of success of your other current task forces!

  7. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Memo to Winston Smith, ministry of truth

    Turkey are our friends we have always been at war with Russia.

    Delete last week incorrect story.

  8. Kabukiwookie

    Crying Wolf

    The moral of the story was that you should never tell the same lie twice.

    1. nijam Silver badge

      Re: Crying Wolf

      > Crying Wolf .

      You say that, but it isn't the wolf that's crying.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More Misdirection From The STASI.....

    Quote: "......the NCSC "will take a principles based approach to security functionality....."




    .....and so on. Braying about "principles" does not seem to square with hacking Belgium........yup Belgium!


    .....or hacking 60 million UK citizens.......


    Lies and misdirection (again).......high moral tone in public......but something entirely different in secret......covered by the Offiical Secrets Act. Ugly!!

  10. _LC_

    What didn't we already have?

    Evil Russian puppies, an evil Russian spy beluga, …

    When you drop something heavy and it lands on you foot – it's the Russians!

    Realize that the rest of the world is only laughing at this shit. This falls in line with the Germans proclaiming that the Jews were to blame for everything bad.

    Just F-OFF!

    1. James12345


      I think you might have over inflated this story by equating it with the Germans and their allies efforts at exterminating 6 million Jews and their other millions of victims - this does not "fall in line" with that.

      1. Kabukiwookie

        Re: Dickhead

        Indeed. Provoking 2 nuclear capable nations, could result in a much higher toll on human life.

        Silver lining in all this is that nuclear arms don't discriminate.

  11. batfink

    Nice conflation

    Nicely done. Ransomware attacks come from "Russian territory" therefore we must counterattack against Russia as a whole. Well conflated!

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Nice conflation ...... but a fake refuge for fools

      Nicely done. Ransomware attacks come from "Russian territory" therefore we must counterattack against Russia as a whole. Well conflated! ...... batfink


      The chattering politically incorrect classes don't like you to share that revealing erudite conflation as it tends to steer thoughts into actions that correctly target the leaders of them and their ilk personally, as being directly responsible for most all of present worldly woes, rather than attacking as a collective, vast hordes of entirely innocent beings who just happen to live in the same country as the miscreant.

      If you want peace, be a peacemaker, if you want war, be a warmonger. One cannot be both with one promising to deliver the other no matter how crazily hard one may try to convince oneself and any others listening and well paid to accept the nonsense as necessary and acceptable.

      Once that sort of understanding gains traction, the puppets starring in news and mass media tales will soon be outing the puppet masters pulling their strings from the disappearing safety of non-existent shadows.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thieves and Conquerors

    Russian hackers are thieves, financially driven.

    Chinese government hackers are perusing global conquest.

    Yes the thieves are annoying, but the conquerors will kill you.

    "How China evolves in the next decade will probably be the biggest single driver of our future cyber security,"

    Deal with Russia, but be very very cautious about China.

    1. batfink

      Re: Thieves and Conquerors

      Perusing global conquest? Where are they looking? Is there a global conquest library somewhere?

      And to think I've had to make it up myself all this time...

  13. iron Silver badge

    > Russia number 1, China number 2

    I don't know what stats the NCSC are seeing but my IDS tells me that most packets attempting to probe my network come from USA.

    > standards-setting bodies and how those could be infiltrated by those who would seek to use the West's rules against itself

    The NSA have been doing that for years, is the plan for the NCSC & GCHQ to join them?

  14. nijam Silver badge

    > ... infiltrated by those who would seek to use the West's rules against itself by baking in values and standards that conflict with traditional liberal democratic norms

    Like the UK government, for example.

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