back to article Jamstack research: Typescript and serverless are the winners

A survey of Jamstack developers shows rising use and popularity for cloud functions and the TypeScript programming language - along with a warning for entrenched content management system WordPress. Jamstack or JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs and Markup) is an approach to web development that is based on static pages with dynamic …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    WordPress is a massive shitshow, long may it rot in hell.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Hurrah

      Right tool for the right job.

      If you're trying to use WordPress to create the next facebook, you're going to have a bad time. Using it to create a fast CDN-fronted content-driven site that can easily be maintained by front desk staff? WordPress is your huckleberry.

      JS-driven solutions are well suited to web apps that are complex and interactive; server-side content generation with simple client-facing markup are well suited to content delivery and content that needs to be readily seen by search engines. Getting Angular(.JS) to play well with Google is an exercise in frustration (possible, mind, but frustrating).

  2. pip25

    "React (...) 8 years old it should be over"

    The above describes everything wrong with the browser frontend landscape today. The trendsetters are incredibly busy always running after whatever new framework strikes their fancy, while here I am, still having to maintain sites written in AngularJS. And I feel very lucky, because at least the (insanely) slow migration to Angular is an option. The disconnect feels astonishing.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "React (...) 8 years old it should be over"

      This point is a crucial one in technology selection. It seems the younger folks often miss the "will we be able to support this application for the next 10 years with minimal budget from above?" question in the decision tree for using NewShinyJS. Maybe if every dev coming out the door had to spend a year fixing the county's COBOL database before they're let into the wild, they'd understand how long real-world production systems tend to remain in place, and pick seasoned and reliable technologies to suit the job.

      1. Simian Surprise

        Re: "React (...) 8 years old it should be over"

        At my former job, the webdevs considered the 4-year-old front-end Angular code base becoming "legacy" and in need of a (React) rewrite, while us poor backend debs had to contend with a ten-year-old* Java codebase, the only truly "legacy" bits were support for features that had been dropped years back but the code kept for that one other bit of code that kinda sorta used it.

        I'm tempted to guess that part of the problem is that large Javascript codebases are difficult to understand and maintain, so as developers come and go the project quickly reaches a point where few people really understand how all of it works. The way out? Rewrite it so now *you* understand it!

        * yes, yes, you have your 30-year-old COBOL codebases, I know...

  3. garretmh

    I really don’t think the premise that WordPress market share is going to be eaten by JAM stack in any meaningful way is backed up by any of this.

    WordPress is chosen by companies, not developers, because it is an extremely safe chose of CMS. JAM is not a CMS and none of the JAM CMS are anywhere near as safe of a business choice as WP. It’s also no surprise that a survey of JavaScript developers doesn’t favor a PHP software.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WP and JAM are different solutions

    WP is a dependable solution for non-tech friendly CMS whereas JAM is for broader use cases. I don't think pitting them against each other is useful.

    Anecdotally I agree with the findings - many apps suit serverless + Typescript. One aspect not covered is that as these applications grow into progressively more serverlesss microservices, they become more difficult to manage as a whole application landscape. That suits very distributed teams but for a maturing company that wants a handle on its whole application estate, it can be difficult to nail down.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    While I don't discount the contribution to web development of the likes of Facebook and Google, when it comes between choosing between something created by that venerable force for good, Facebook, and, er, a guy (Evan You, of Vue), I'll take the guy. Also, JSX is just a horrible invention. Single-file Vue components are much cleaner. No "let's pretend our markup is part of our JavaScript" jobbie.

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