back to article UK's VoIP Unlimited hit by DDoSes again, weeks after ransom-linked attacks KO'd it

A British VoIP firm has staggered back to its feet after being smacked with a series of apparent DDoSes a month after suffering a series of sustained attacks it said were delivered by the REvil ransomware gang. In an update at 11:56 UK time, it said it was "continuing to suffer from large scale DDoS attacks. VoIP Unlimited …

  1. Alpharious

    viral marketing is going too far

    REvil ransomware gang? How far will these advertisers go to hype up new games and tv shows? what next a real zombie outbreak?

  2. sanmigueelbeer is a very large VoIP LEC in the US and has been under sustained DDoS for the last few days (from 25 September 2021 until 30 September 2021).

    Broadband sells VoIP services to a lot of US and Canadian based VoIP providers like and CallCentric.

    I find it odd to see nothing from El Reg about this attack on this provider.

    1. cyberdemon Silver badge

      Interesting. I wonder how many other VoIP providers are currently under attack, and if there is a special motive for it, perhaps an experiment by somebody to see how feasible it is to disrupt phone communications on command.

      If it works, it could be a useful weapon when WWIII breaks out...

      (fortunately it seems it's not particularly effective.. although it might be a bit more so when BT switches off its landline network in favour of VoIP)

  3. EightBit

    VoIP Unlimited was struggling all last week. I thought they had mitigated by the weekend and it seemed okay this morning (18/10/2021)

    However it has started again a couple of hours ago. One-way audio on SIP trunks and a large number of sites blocked from web traffic.

    I do feel for the support engineers, who must be suffering hell. However you would think they might be able to block all non-UK traffic to cut down on a lot of the DDoS. The majority of their affected customers must be UK-based.

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