back to article Japan's antitrust watchdog to probe mobile OSes

Japan's Fair Trade Commission on Wednesday launched an investigation into potential antitrust behavior by mobile OS providers – with Apple and Google at the top of the list. Sugahisa explained that the investigation will include fact-finding surveys and interviews that consider online retailers, app stores, cloud services and …

  1. Chris G

    Along with anti-trust, nations should all be looking at the way these OSes are constructed.

    Much of the time permissions such as Physical Activity on Android is written so that the OS will not function if you deny it, since android ten the 'deny/allow has been greyed out.

    For many permissions in many apps, there is the warning that your device may not function fully if a permissionnis denied, this is constructive denial of the user's rights and absolutely deliberate.

    Obviously to pursue anti-trust is about money so governments will put that first, between elections voters slide into second place on the prioroties list.

    1. vtcodger Silver badge

      Bad is in the eye of the beholder

      your device may not function fully

      Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

  2. _LC_



  3. sreynolds

    Nothing to do with NTT's bottom line...

    Whatever happened to NTT Docomo FOMA platform?

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