back to article VMware's K8s challenge advances with Tanzu Community Edition

VMware's biggest admirers are also among its biggest challenges to growth. Those admirers are the operations types who have become VMware's champions inside customers – because server consolidation, then private clouds, and now hybrid clouds elevated them from back-room wonks to money-saving, agility-enhancing stars. But …

  1. Deanamore

    So Tanzu is basically an open source version of OpenShift that doesn't lock you into the RHEL ecosystem. Considering that my biggest issue with OpenShift is getting locked into an ever closed off and proprietary RHEL world that could actually be a smart move on VMWares part.

    1. M-Singh

      OpenShift doesn't touch the full capabilities of the Tanzu portfolio so not a fair comparison, but your right to identify Openshift as a direct competitor.

      1. PBZ

        The Tanzu competitor to OpenShift is TAS -- Tanzu Application Services a.k.a. Cloud Foundry. They aquired this when they bought Pivotal.

        TAS doesn't seem to be included in the Tanzu Community Edition, although there is a version that runs on Kubernetes.

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