back to article Ukrainian cops cuff two over $150m ransomware gang allegations, seize $1.3m in cryptocurrency

Ukrainian police have reportedly arrested two members of a ransomware gang – and while some have fingered REvil, no firm details have been published by cops from multiple countries. A round of speculation was triggered when inter-EU law enforcement body Europol declared this morning that Ukrainian fuzz had arrested "two …

  1. Steve Aubrey

    The times, they aren't a-changing

    "ransomware criminals complaining that REvil's rentable malware was ripping them off through a secret backdoor"

    Reminds me of the quote about an honest politician being one who stays bought.

    No "joke" icon. It's all sad, but true.

  2. Potemkine! Silver badge

    It's usually the front door, rarely the back.

    Agreed. That's why educating users is the best protection. Technical means can only mitigate the risks. Educating people, communicating multiple times, giving examples and tricks, repeat the message again and again, all this should be implemented in every company.

    1. Robert Helpmann??

      Educating people, communicating multiple times, giving examples...

      Agree with all of the above, but there also needs to be consequences when users inevitably fail to follow guidance. They need to understand that it's not just about listening to a lecture and nodding, but that failing to act right will affect them personally.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        The trouble is, the stupidity often starts at the top. Some years ago, at a intragovernmental organisation in Europe, a new director general arrives and, in spite of the agreed security policy, his secretary tells the IT manager "He wants to use the same 4 digit PIN that he uses for everything else".

  3. ElRegioLPL

    I am a fan of the police waving the gun about for the video knowing they're just going after some computer nerd

    And they will have known because they clearly have enough intelligence...

  4. sreynolds

    It was probably the competitors

    They might have just swatted the competition.

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