back to article Zoom Five9 deal goes kaboom after shareholders say 'nope'

Five9 shareholders have slammed the brakes on a proposed $15bn merger with videoconferencing giant Zoom. The all-share transaction, mooted in July, would have seen Zoom snap up Contact-Centre-as-a-Service outfit Five9, broadening its reach beyond videoconferencing. With customers moving back to offices, a broader range of …

  1. xyz123

    Does ANYONE at all still use Zoom now we know all conversations, audio and video go directly to Bejing for storage and later perusal?

    We know there are thousands of paid-for accounts blocked because users began (outside China remember) discussing tiannamen square, and this set off the speech recognition system, which prompted a member of the CCP that controls Zoom accounts to perma-ban them immediately mid-call.

    Since we know all this, and Zoom basically bare-faced lied to everyone at first saying "no-one was banned" then slowly admitting to it over a period of time but desperately trying to convince the world it was "for the greater good, trust us".....why would anyone use the service at all?

    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      "Does ANYONE at all still use Zoom now we know all conversations, audio and video go directly to Bejing for storage and later perusal?"

      Yes, basically everyone still uses Zoom, apart from the Apple faithful who use FaceTime. Your assertions appear to have some basis in fact but also seem to be wildly exaggerated, which actually works against your cause.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        China is welcome to my Zoom calls

        seeing as I don't say anything that could be of any use to them whatsoever in rounding up their dissidents, by Cc'ing my junk to China I am basically providing the same service that scambaiters do, wasting their time for nothing. I fail to see any benefit for the greater good in closing down my distraction service, but let me know if I missed anything.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      But leave us not forget

      bypassing browser security settings, leaving a backdoor for FBI snooping (fixed after much blowback), handing off customer information to Facebook (possibly a cock-up when using some FB code, apparently without looking at it too closely), non-compliance with the GDPR, lying about end-to-end encryption and doubling down on the lie when caught, and other behaviours that have put Zoom on my "do not trust" list. Apparently a good-sized number of other teleconference users either don't do their due diligence or don't care about what the due diligence yields. (In fairness, there are likely some workplaces that force employees to use Zoom for work, and also some school districts that force the kiddos to use Zoom for tele-school no matter how much some parents may protest.)

    3. CrackedNoggin

      Zoom is popular because their free level has so many features - the best free-level.

      > "Does ANYONE at all still use Zoom now we know all conversations"

      No sane person or company that has something worth keeping confidential would use it.

      Anyone else, especially those making large group calls, will use it. (Up to 100 members for 40 minutes). And that it is a lot of people.

      If the CCP is sifting through the data now I doubt they are getting much out of it. Maybe they can improve their English by listening in on my wife's English class.

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