back to article IKEA: Cameras were hidden in the ceiling above warehouse toilets for 'health and safety'

IKEA has removed hidden security cameras from its warehouse in Peterborough, England, after an employee spotted one in the ceiling void while using the toilet. Workers at the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant were concerned that they may have been spied on while in the bathroom. The discovery was made last week when the …

  1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

    Excuses, excuses

    Installing the cameras in 2015 is recent enough for some serious data protection legislation to have been violated. The 'excuse' that is was done concerning drug use in an establishment that has fork-lift trucks and other heavy machinery is no good. When my former company wanted to install CCTV cameras to record who was stealing laptops from the IT team that built them and sent them out, they needed the police to approve them as essential to an ongoing police investigation. You cannot just install cameras on the off-chance that illegal activity by your staff might be recorded.

    This sounds like a criminal act to me.

    1. Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      It's to be able to record people taking cocaine in the toilets........ but it's only to record people in the roof space and corridor.

      1. jason_derp

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        "...only to record people in the roof space and corridor."

        Mmhm, yes. Where all the little people do their cocaine, from what I understand. They don't have offices, you see. Any further questions?

        1. Chronos

          Re: Excuses, excuses

          Even little people have to draw the line somewhere...

          1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

            Re: Excuses, excuses

            Normally, you use a credit card or similar get the line "just right". According to a friend.

            1. HelpfulJohn

              Re: Excuses, excuses

              Hmmm, a possible opening for a pre-lined plastic or glass credit-card-sized pocket tool that allows one to create measured, exact lines of rice, wheat, oats, sand, medications and other substances for such activities as cooking?

              It could also be used by dealers of such items to supply small quantities.


              1. razorfishsl

                Re: Excuses, excuses

                Mc Donalds.....

                'Cocaine spoon'

                Totally harmless item everyone can carry...

                1. Anonymous Coward
                  Anonymous Coward

                  Re: Excuses, excuses

                  Surely that would be KOKAÄNSPN if it was in IKEA??

              2. Eclectic Man Silver badge

                Re: Excuses, excuses

                Maybe make it a bit flexible so that it can also be used to scrape frost form a car windscreen?

        2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

          Re: Excuses, excuses

          You might keep your supply tucked behind a particular ceiling tile, so if the cameras are only observing the above false ceiling space then there's some argument for it. I think the principle of having to be told that you're being watched still applies, though. But... you could be told that, perhaps without being told where all the cameras are.

          1. martinusher Silver badge

            Re: Excuses, excuses

            >so if the cameras are only observing the above false ceiling space then there's some argument for it.

            The area above the false ceiling is usually continuous (office walls are partitions) so you don't have to have cameras above the toilets in order to observe the roof space.

            If they're not needed then you can easily turn them off -- just unplug them (they're likely to be powered by their network cable).

      2. NonSSL-Login

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        Maybe its to see who comes out the toilet and in to the corridor a lot perkier and chest puffed out more than on the way in to the toilets...

        1. Tom 7 Silver badge

          Re: Excuses, excuses

          TBF with my diet of heavily processes malt and hops most of my visits to the loo involve me coming out far more upright and happier!

      3. herman Silver badge

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        In the roof space - they must be very high.

    2. AmyInNH

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      At the very least, any/all who approved putting them in, should be fired.

      There's something fundamentally wrong with that company's psychology. Obvious to the public with their maze entrapment configuration.

    3. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      IKEA would be better off claiming "A perv did it!"'

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        Must admit, if I suspected and then found video cameras that could be monitoring the toilets, I'd not be reporting that to a line manager. I'd be reporting it direct to the Police. After all, it might be the line manager who is the criminal perv! Clearly, lack of trust works both ways.

        1. werdsmith Silver badge

          Re: Excuses, excuses

          Personally, I couldn’t care less if I was recorded but I would feel very sorry for the poor souls whose job it will be to check the recording.

    4. geekguy

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      Totally right, this is unacceptable in the extreme, a private landlord would be prosecuted for this, as should IKEA. A total and unacceptable invasion of privacy, monitoring of toilets by using drug wipes etc is doable, potentially videoing people in the loo.. criminal.

    5. Not Yb Bronze badge

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      In many places, it's actually illegal to film in break rooms or toilets. Others specify certain types of filming equipment as illegal in toilets (surveillance mirrors). England's different because they've been "all-in" on surveillance since they put up all those cameras in London.

      "In Connecticut, employers may not operate surveillance equipment in areas designed for employee rest or comfort -- such as restrooms, locker rooms, or employee lounges."

      1. Claverhouse Silver badge

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        England's different because they've been "all-in" on surveillance since they put up all those cameras in London.


        Yeah, Washington DC has no monitoring CCTV whatsoever.

    6. HelpfulJohn

      Re: Excuses, excuses

      "Installing the cameras in 2015 is recent enough for some serious data protection legislation to have been violated"

      IKEA, as an employer, must hold digital data on identifiable employees. as a commercial entity, it must hold identifiable data on customers.

      Would those mean that the video footage would be required by law to be disclosed to an employee or customer who requested it, as is true of some other records?

      I am definitely no lawyer so I have possibly misread the statutes.

      1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

        Re: Excuses, excuses

        In the UK companies must register with the Information Commissioner's Office stating what personal data they hold on individuals, and the lawful reason for its collection. This applies to CCTV cameras as well, there is even a Surveillance Camera Commissioner to regulate this specific issue:

        And yes, you as a subject can make a Subject Access Request for any personal information held on you by a company, including CCTV images. The company must provide it in a readable form unless to do so would be too onerous - when the Commissioner can decide if it really is too onerous. For example if you requested the images of yourself taken on Monday 9th August outside Paddington Station, that would be far too difficult to provide. If in addition you stated that you were at the Eastern end of the station front on Praed Street at 11.02 a.m. and performed a pirouette, that would be difficult for them to refuse.

        1. RegGuy1 Silver badge

          Re: Excuses, excuses

          you were at the Eastern end of the station front on Praed Street at 11.02 a.m. and performed a pirouette

          That's why they call you Eclectic Man.

          1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

            Re: Excuses, excuses

            That is why I call MYSELF 'Eclectic Man'.

            (Upvoted for making me smile on a Monday morning.)

  2. tip pc Silver badge


    how could they state that installing cameras in a toilet void is part of health and safety to record people doing drugs?

    Why would people do drugs in a ceiling void.

    what else have they got? are there microphones in toilets too just in case they can listen to people talking about or doing drugs?

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Disgusting!!

      Possibly they thought or had heard drugs were being concealed in the ceiling void. Maybe linked to their test and inspection routines - risk of a body or locker search? Nip to the loo to hide your stash.

      But totally a shit thing to do.

      1. Tom Chiverton 1

        Re: Disgusting!!

        Certainly their reputation is down the toilet.

        1. AmyInNH

          Re: Disgusting!!

          Clearly some fundamental comprehension defect, when cameras in the toilets come from "We need to get to the bottom(s) of this."

          1. Ordinary Donkey

            Re: Disgusting!!

            You think IKEA contracted out their security to the Bottom Inspectors?

            1. VicMortimer

              Re: Disgusting!!

              Sounds like the TSA...

      2. elsergiovolador Silver badge

        Re: Disgusting!!

        That never ceases to amaze me - they never address why workers take drugs... Maybe if the job wasn't so crap, they wouldn't have to alter their reality to accept it.

      3. yetanotheraoc Silver badge

        Re: Disgusting!!

        Of course if someone is hiding drugs in the ceiling void, there is no way they would notice a camera with an active red light occupying the same void. Thus IKEA's statement of purpose for the camera is obviously legit.

    2. Fr. Ted Crilly Silver badge

      Re: Disgusting!!

      Nah, it's for recording the impact of cloacal sucesses, they were going to play an in house version of 'celebrity shit in a bucket' at the staff Christmas party for a laff. Sweden HR got to hear about it and nixed the wheeze, Some fool forgot to remove the cameras...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Disgusting!!

        @Fr. Ted Crilly

        Have an upvote for making me look up the meaning of "cloacal" and then for making me laugh out loud at the thought of influencers fighting over getting tickets to take part in a game of "Celebrity shit in a bucket".

        I needed a laugh to start the weekend.

        Thank you, and have a groovy weekend yourself.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Disgusting!!

        "A cloaca exists in all human embryos up to 4–6 weeks, at which time it becomes partitioned into the urogenital sinus and the rectum."

        1. HelpfulJohn

          Re: Disgusting!!

          If it is all going into the same disposal facility and if there is guaranteed all-day access and if there is absolute pirvacy [absent late 20th Century and onwards Scientists nosing about] then why not have the one?

          It saves time, effort and training.

    3. Jonathon Green

      Re: Disgusting!!

      On the basis of the state some people have left toilet facilities in at some places I’ve worked (and I’m quite sure it’s deliberate, you don’t accidentally smear shit all over the walls, smash fittings to pieces, rip plumbing out of the walls, and flood the place by shoving things down the bog which clearly and obviously don’t belong there, aren’t going to flush, and are going to cause a blockage) I’d suggest that sometimes it *absolutely* *is* justified on health and safety grounds…

      1. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

        Re: Disgusting!!

        Where I once worked there was a notice in the toilet insisting "please leave this room how you would expect to find it" -- maybe they were just complying?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Disgusting!!

          One place I worked, we had a lot of trouble with broken plastic bog seats, parts of which were dropping into the toilet and causing a blockage. Eventually it was traced (I don't know how) to certain members of the shop floor, of middle eastern origin, who did not sit on the seat when defecating, but squatted on it, and their work boots were cracking the bakelite. Manglement decreed that one of the european toilets was to be removed and replaced by an eastern, hole in the floor, type, and that solved the problem.

  3. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Is a weasel word to excuse any bad behaviour lately. When people are going to see through this?

    1. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: Safety

      Let's add National Security to that list...

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Safety

        Child porn / human trafficking / illegal immigrants (delete as applicable)

        1. Clausewitz 4.0

          Re: Safety

          Forgot Terrorism?

      2. chivo243 Silver badge

        Re: Safety

        here's a perfect example that just came up!

  4. TRT Silver badge

    Odd article. The end bit about Hancock...? WTF?!

    Especially when there was a Spanish judge today who ruled CCTV in public areas that recorded women urinating and subsequent footage was released on porn sites was not to be investigated because there was no expectation of privacy on a public road (back street).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The "regulator" problem. Instead of laws being thrashed out in detail in the democracy with courts precedence thrashing out anything they missed in public. A bloke in an office ("the regulator") asked his drinking buddies how to rule on a case by case basis.

      Hancock being a ridiculous "his privacy was violated by being recording in a public space" false negative. The regulator obviously wanted to please the group that employs him, which is never a good thing.

      There's zero doubt here what should happen, even Ikea clearly know they're in the wrong and are bullshitting and backtracking, but I don't think Ikea managers homes will be raided, because Ikea is big and the regulator is a small man in a small office, thankful for his easy money.

      The situation in the UK is not good, not good in any sense.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        (playing devil's advocate here a bit)

        It's down to the expectation of privacy. In an office, you would expect your colleagues to potentially see what you're doing, but not the general public. Releasing CCTV in that situation to the public/media would be breaching the expected level of privacy.

        If he'd happened to have had sex in the office and caught on camera doing so, would we all have the right to gawp at his exposed rear end? It's different if the behaviour happens on the street.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        If you believe Hancock was recorded in a public space I suggest you walk in there and have a try at how public it is ...

        From a regulation perspective it is entirely the same thing with a significant difference in how it came to light. In Ikea someone found a camera but (for now) no proof of abuse, in Hancock's case there was obviously "abuse" from a privacy perspective as it was only discovered after publication in a tabloid. If someone would have posted pictures of Ikea employees on the toilet doing something unbecoming there had been a significant chance of a raid too.

    2. Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells Silver badge

      El Reg is sadly obsessed with shoe-horning in any anti-Tory nonsense that it can nowadays.

      1. TRT Silver badge

        I didn't pick up any anti-Tory vibe, just a desire to find any related article to mention. I think the Hancock thing really doesn't fall into the same ballpark even. There are far more relevant incidents already reported.

      2. John 110

        El Reg doesn't need to shoe-horn in anti-Tory stuff, they do that for themselves...

      3. Chronos

        Hat Mancock is an easy target, regardless of your political views.

        1. Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells Silver badge

          He is, but it didn't need shoe-horning in, did it?

      4. Adrian 4

        Surely even Dusgusted of Tunbidge Wells is disgusted by the present bunch ?

        They're beyond apology.

        They not even tories, they're a subspecies

        1. RegGuy1 Silver badge

          They not even tories

          No, they kicked the Tories out and invited UKIP in.

      5. TheProf

        anti-Tory nonsense

        I know right? I mean Tories as a whole are such a lovable bunch of huggable rascals. With their little button eyes and kewpie doll lips you just want to gatherer them all up in your arms and smother your face into them.

        They're so clever too. Every one of them can tie their own shoelaces and all their shirt buttons are in the right buttonholes. If they ever chewed gum they'd be able to chew it and walk at the same time.

        And they are so generous. If anyone needs a helping hand they just get out their public purse and hand it over. And don't forget they can get you a Knighthood for less than cost price.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ah, the Spanish judicial system, the same that consider a gang rape a simple case of harassment because the woman did not fought back (as if she could...), the same that consider violently storming a political act with physical aggression a case of freedom of speech as long as the perpetrators are right-winged and the attacked left-winged, the same that consider sneezing at the national flag an offense worth of a prison sentence... yeah, good example you picked up of "justice"

      1. TRT Silver badge

        Picked as an example of a recent CCTV story, not justice.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    warehouse in Peterborough, England

    presumably, this is the only Ikea warehouse in the whole of the UK eh? And the only Ikea store? Oh, btw, I'd check customer toilets too, cause you know, those rogue Ikea engineering, roaming (pre-brexit) round the continent, breaking into Ikea stores and warehouses, installing those (never connected) cams and mikes! Like hell's grannies, wild and totally out of control!

  6. Alex Stuart

    Where were they pointing?

    I've read a few articles on this and none of them have confirmed where the cameras were actually pointed.

    Was it horizontally in the crawl space with no view of below, or pointing down at the cubicles/rest of toilet area?

    One of those is a non-story, the other a big deal.

    1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

      Re: Where were they pointing?

      I think the fact that the stories don't tell you tells you everything you need to know.

    2. John Sturdy

      Re: Where were they pointing?

      Given that the red light on the camera was visible from below, and that red lights on CCTV cameras tend to be on the front of the camera... I suspect the camera was pointing roughly in the direction from which the light was observed (or at least, a lot nearer to that than the opposite direction). I doubt the light would be sufficiently noticeable from the side of the camera, or significantly below it.

      1. Roland6 Silver badge

        Re: Where were they pointing?

        >Given that the red light on the camera was visible from below, and that red lights on CCTV cameras tend to be on the front of the camera... I suspect the camera was pointing roughly in the direction from which the light was observed ...

        Not at all. The front mounted LED typically isn't shielded; the camera's I've installed the dome of the LED cover is proud of faceplate and so it is visible within a 180 degree arc.

        Also note how the camera was discovered:

        "The discovery was made last week when the lights were switched off. A member of staff spotted what appeared to be a small red light between the panels of a suspended ceiling."

        Firstly the lights were off so the red glow (and its reflection) of an LED would be more visible, secondly it was seen between (suspended) ceiling panels ie. through a crack, note it wasn't until the source was investigated that a camera was discovered. I suspect that if the camera really was intended to pick up users of the facilities, the discoverer would have seen and thus reported a camera lens hole in the ceiling tiles.

        But then that does assume the "infrared light" seen was the camera LED and not light being used to illuminate the ceiling void so that the camera can perform its smoke detection/void monitoring function.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Where were they pointing?

          "I suspect that if the camera really was intended to pick up users of the facilities, the discoverer would have seen and thus reported a camera lens hole in the ceiling tiles."

          IKEA already admitted the cameras were there to pick of "users". Therefore the cameras and tiles were arranged to make that possible.

          1. Roland6 Silver badge

            Re: Where were they pointing?

            >Therefore the cameras and tiles were arranged to make that possible.

            "The cameras were only ever intended to film activity in the roof space or corridors."

            Which would suggest the cameras were attached to a smoke detection system: smoke detected, member of security goes and investigates...

            As has been noted by others no one is actually saying where the cameras were actually pointing (or what they were connected to), and if mounted above the ceiling tiles just what view of the users of the toilets they actually had.

            I suspect once all the facts are known, the case will fall into the same category as 5G causing CoViD.

    3. gotes

      Re: Where were they pointing?

      If they only needed a view of the ceiling void, it probably wasn't necessary to situate the cameras right above the lavatories.

    4. Screwed

      Re: Where were they pointing?

      A lot of cameras have remote control of direction. Whether that is a physical movement of the camera or selecting the area of interest from a wide angle device.

      Where they were pointed might not be as significant as where they could have been pointed.

  7. John Doe 12

    Meanwhile in the IKEA bathroom....

    Old school before CCTV was cheap and discreet:

    1. SusiW

      Re: Meanwhile in the IKEA bathroom....


      Thanks for the interesting link. But wow - I hadn't realised just how bad my 1970's school-induced French had become!

      Back in the early 2000's I worked on a concession (let's call it "Home of Boxer") in a huge department store that was selling certain Scottish crystalware. We had a sister-consession (same over-manager) in another rival department store ("Deborah Ham") at the other end of the mall.

      It turns out that someone noticed that expensive goods (designer coats, electrical goods, etc) were being 'returned' sans-receipts to the 'Deborah' ScotGlass concession and cash refunds given.

      All tills in both dept stores are run by the stores' accounting departments. All tills can process concession and store goods alike.

      The aforementioned over-manager, had been running this scam that had cost the 'D' store many tens of thousands of pounds.

      Cameras had been covertly placed above ours and the Debby concession tills. The Debby cam caught the O-M and cronies in the act. The dodgy O-M had till access at our store as well, but my awesome line manager (after I found junk substituted for our CrystalWare in our stock room), became suspicious of the O-M and never let the woman out of her sight when she was on our 'Mat.'

      I get it, but if it hadn't been for the cameras over our till in HOB, we would have been tarred with the same crap-loaded brush. As it was, we came out smelling of roses, and the O-M and her mob got criminal records.

      Cameras watching staff are not always bad. Just not in the areas like the bogs ffs!!!!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Et la France ?

    The reporter might wish to note that earlier this year IKEA France's upper management copped a two year prison sentence, and the company a €1M fine, for a case possibly along similar lines.

  9. Fazal Majid

    IKEA France was found guilty of illegal surveillance

    They were paying bribes to cops to get information on job candidates, and other forms of illegal surveillance.

    This company should not be given the benefit of the doubt.

  10. xyz Silver badge

    Have we got a new phrase now...

    Bashing the IKEA. Maybe they were testing their meatball throughput time from mouth to pan? Maybe their head of security is a perv? There is no way in hell anyone, anywhere, in any company, is going to think putting cameras in bogs is a goer, so trying to blag your way out of this shithole (no pun ) just makes the whole thing worse. I mean their excuse is like the old casualty joke of "I was hoovering naked when..."

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    maybe it was just a study

    to see who wipes from the front, who reaches around?

    no excuse - I couldn't work for a place that needs to video me pooping, its just so, Xi Jinping like.

    Now if they had a device that sampled your stool and said you need more fiber, no, never mind, just as bad.

  12. Conundrum1885

    Not good enough

    There are NO EXCUSES whatsoever for such disgusting behavior.

    IKEA needs to be formally struck off the companies registry for this unless the managers, installers etc and anyone connected to this hand themselves in to the authorities immediately and they accept a (very generous) 5% profits seizure for the time period concerned to be handed to women's safety charities.

    If I found anyone at any company I worked for had done this, serving notice would be the least of my concerns because the evidence would be handed directly to the Met and forwarded to the Press in encrypted form, with the key also handed to the Met with instructions to release it when the case was heard in court.

    Anonymous has spoken.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Not good enough

      "to women's safety charities"

      Why? The first camera was discovered in the mens loos. Only afterwards, on checking, were they found elsewhere, including the ladies loos.

      Other than that, I mostly agree with you.

      1. Conundrum1885

        Re: Not good enough

        I stand by my comment, women have suffered enough recently.

        As it is we can't even trust that the almighty Police haven't signed off on each other's vetting forms, or other such BLATANT CORRUPTION let alone that they found another scumbag in the exact same force.

        We all know it goes on, now enough is enough. Name and shame.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not good enough

      If you see it the Met they'll only lose the evidence after forwarding the perverse pictures around their WhatsApp group.

  13. That Badger

    What will they call these cameras in the catalog?

    I suggest "Poopensnoopen".

  14. Ashto5 Bronze badge

    What will they call these cameras in the catalog

    How about


    1. Tromos

      Re: What will they call these cameras in the catalog

      Previous suggestions too long. More in keeping with the house style would be 'VOYUR'.

  15. Sam Therapy

    Ikea have form for spying on staff.

    ISTR there was a big story about it in France recently. Bastards.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stasi in the Khasi.

    says it all really.

  17. maddoxx

    Social distancing rules

    As a non native English speaker -

    social distancing rules sounds - wrong

    Why should I socially distancing from soneone from someone - and how would the kissing work at all over a distance

    possibly I should keep not neing involved

  18. Snowy Silver badge

    Installed in the ceiling void

    Downlighter are installed in the ceiling void and light up what they are pointed at. They where spying on people below the ceiling not above it. That is why when the lights where off they could see the red lights of the cameras, which would indicate they where turned on.

  19. Shady


    New IKEA product line

  20. Winkypop Silver badge


    They were just doing some A B B A testing.

  21. razorfishsl

    Like all registered charities that always have something kinky to hide.......

  22. steviebuk Silver badge

    Ico are fucking useless

    Unless the government demand it

    "In July, ICO officers raided two homes in Southern England after pictures of former health secretary Matt Hancock kissing a colleague appeared in British newspaper The Sun."

    Yet that IKEA site had cameras up since 2015 "No one has officially complained so we won't take action".

    How many other IKEA sites has this been going on at? Who will no doubt have quickly removed the cameras once this story broke.

    Hopefully there is a lawsuit and IKEA lose. They're can't be any reason why they won't lose.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ico are fucking useless

      "They're can't be any reason why they won't lose."

      A bung to the Tory party would be that reason.

  23. Steve Medway

    I wonder if it were a big or a little jobs-worth that installed them. They were clearly taking the piss and didn't give a shit so it could be either ;)

  24. Grunchy Silver badge

    Replaced with smaller ones

    Because the reason for having the cameras hasn't changed, just the awareness of them has changed.

    So just delete the awareness and that's the correct solution!

  25. ThunderCougarFalconBird

    Legal in England or not?

    Is recording employees in the bathroom legal? I know in the USA, it's illegal to record an employee when there's an expectation of privacy.

  26. Potemkine! Silver badge

    The wonderful world of Ikea

    How do you dare to be offended? We spy on you for your own safety. Now bend over for the mandatory RFID tag injection.

  27. Arthur Daily

    Additional Camera Income

    You can buy cheap polarised torches, so called spy camera detector devices for a few quid. Use them. Many toilets have motion sensor IR lights to help prevent discovery, but a bit of black plastic over the sensor can allow you to do a good sweep after the timeout. You have options: collect the device and take it directly to the local cop shop (after taking a copy of the sd card). If wired, I hear a modified stun gun, or piezo stove lighter / (240Volt ac) sends a few too many volts to expensive video recorder might be ones cup of tea. Other places for camera are the office fridge (milk stealing) and photocopier room (non work copies). In some countries, middle earthers may stand on the toilet rim and squat. Some nasty problems if your behind or bowels are cut by a porcelain toilet that fails when you are on the job - because of this practice. This article did not say which way the cameras were pointed at.

  28. Jake Maverick

    er, was this not made illegal under the voyeurism act? unless g-men did it in which case it is legal under RIPA...either way these people were raped, repeatedly....some people need to be in jail and put on the sex offenders' registrar :-(

    I also found cameras above my bed and in my bathroom once.....not allowed to talk about it :-(

  29. Jake Maverick

    and not all cameras have red lights on do you spot the one's that don't? and these took over 5 years for somebody to spot.....?

  30. Nightkiller

    Ikea: Swedish for "I Am Curious (Yellow and Blue)"

  31. William Higinbotham

    Last Used?

    IKEA admitted they had been in place since 2015. The company did not say when they were last used.

    If the light was on then it is active. Maybe the company was not using these, but with the weak security of cams 5 years old, someone is watching:-)

  32. BPontius

    Always baffled as to why anyone would want to watch others using the toilet. Sickos!!

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