back to article Honda to build reusable rockets to sling sats, but won't scare SpaceX

Japanese auto-maker Honda has set its sights on developing its own rockets and running a satellite launch business. Ambitions for this venture are not grand. The company aspires to launch "small low-Earth orbit satellites" and hopes its efforts allow "at least some of the rocket components to land back on Earth after the …

  1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    I wonder if Dr Musha is involved?

    Might be a use for this:

  2. Denarius

    Interesting that Honda do research around the "fringey" parts of science. Also willing to have a go at unfashionable design like engine placements on Honda Jet, succeeding where VFW failed. There have been multiple reports on electromagnetic effects on gravity being about 17 orders of magnitude than theory suggests over the decades. Maybe something in it or the current theoretical understanding of the nature of subatomic regime is not understood correctly yet. If Honda start a satellite maneuvering unit plant then I will be sure they found something.

  3. RLWatkins

    Look closely at that VTOL...

    ... and note that the center of lift is way, waaay behind the center of mass. Good thing Honda has much better engineers than they do artists.

    All that said, they do have damn' good engineers. I expect them to take away a good chunk of other commercial lift companies' business.

    And you know? That probably isn't a bad thing.

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