back to article Intel offers Loihi 2 to boffins: A 7nm chip with more than 1m programmable neurons

Robots with Intel Inside brains? That's what Chipzilla has in mind with its Loihi 2 neuromorphic chip, which tries to mimics the human brain. This is Intel's stab at creating more intelligent computers that can efficiently discover patterns and associations in data and from that learn to make smarter and smarter decisions. It …

  1. jon90909

    Will it mimic my desire to... Crysis?

    1. Horridbloke

      Re: Will it mimic my desire to...

      No, this chip plays Crysis.

      1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

        Re: Will it mimic my desire to...

        Can it play Nethack?

  2. Dante Alighieri Bronze badge


    From the tag line I thought an actual animal comparison was going to be givn. Fortunately Wikipaedia (yuk) has a list... List of animals by neurons

    I was surprised what is on it with only 10s of thousands of neurons.

    1. mevets

      Re: Mole-rat

      Is it a member of the Trump Family?

  3. newspuppy

    A better title:

    Intel offers the neuron equivalent of a cockroach brain to boffins....

    1. Peter D

      Re: A better title:

      Well, that's one step on the road to surviving an extinction level event.

  4. nautica Bronze badge

    This is a MUCH bigger joke than "military intelligence".

    The only people who believe in artificial intelligence are those who possess it.

  5. HildyJ Silver badge

    I await . . .

    the coming of our new robot overlord - MechaChipzilla.

  6. FreeAsABird

    Intel is already there

    Actually, lets break it down.

    The Loihi2 has 1million neurons, but each one runs 500x faster than biological. So each Loihi is equivalent to half a billion biological neurons. The human brain has 90B neurons, but the brain does a bunch of stuff like run the body, process sensory input, run the entire motor system. How many neurons are involved in cognition? The wiki page linked above for neuron counts estimates 20% are involved in the "sensory associative structure", so the thinking part of the brain is around 18B neurons.

    Get a cluster of 36 Loihi2s, and we may already have the equivalent cognitive power of a human brain.

  7. Boring Bob

    Been there, seen it, never happened, 35 years ago. Difficult to get excited about the same old, "every chip will have a dedicated neural processor in it".

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