back to article Kent County Council names eight suppliers on £500m education framework

Kent County Council – which looks after most of the southeastern England county – has named eight vendors on a framework to supply education management systems in deals that could be worth up to £500m. The procurement exercise is designed to provide "establishments with the tools for the collection and management of data, …

  1. tip pc Silver badge

    Half a billion

    "establishments with the tools for the collection and management of data, providing efficient reporting and a means to communicate effectively to all stakeholders with access anytime, anywhere."

    how on earth is that worth £500 million of tax payers hard earned cash?

    Thats £125 million per year, thats a quarter of a billion £ every year.

    apparently there are 1.85 million people in Kent.

    that is £269.46 per person over the 5 years.

    Surely Kent have better things to spend all that money on.

    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: Half a billion

      If they don't spend that money, they won't be able to complain that they have no money and then ask for increase of taxes.

    2. wolfetone Silver badge

      Re: Half a billion

      "apparently there are 1.85 million people in Kent."

      Are you including Lorry drivers in this figure?

      1. Chris G Silver badge

        Re: Half a billion

        I thought all the lorry drivers had gone home to Poland because of covid and IR35?

        I wonder if the council has considered training and employing teachers in the education system?

    3. localzuk

      Re: Half a billion

      There are about 350 non-academy schools in Kent, covering about 18,000 children.

      So, about £357k per school maximum.

      Remember, the £500m is the maximum that may be spent - it isn't guaranteed.

      I think they've just covered their backs for possible spend, rather than said "we're going to spend £500m".

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The company that forces schools to buy computers via them, who go via a third party company who then go to Dell or HP.

    Makes an entry level PC about one hundred pounds dearer than if the school could go direct.

  3. codejunky Silver badge


    "black hole in its finances to the tune of £100m."

    Its only money, and not theirs. Why would that stop them from spaffing in every direction.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Likely the old cost plus ruse

    I remember as a civil servant a vendor that had our procurement department salivating at every word uttered mentioned during some presentation that they would be offering their services at cost plus their markup which was something piddly like 5%.

    My alarm bells immediately started ringing and it was obvious they would just inflate their costs.

    Anyone that buys expensive tin knows no one pays the list price.

    The procurement department contacted the manufacturer of the kit the vendor was selling & got the list price, they then compared the cost plus price and almost wet themselves when they realised they where getting everything for less than the manufacturers list price.

    it somehow never occurred to them that they where being conned.

    Th vendor got on the preferred vendor list so future sales under x thousands didn't need to go to tender and suddenly loads of sales went their way all at above prices we could have got from a competitive tender.

    No one seemed to question the lavish gifts, trips/meetings the procurement department where being taken on.

    I left shortly after as I seemed to be the only 1 there that wanted to ensure we spent public money responsibly.

  5. jake Silver badge

    Hands up all the Californians who ...

    ... read that as "Kern County", saw the half billion, and thought "WTF‽‽‽" momentarily?

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