back to article Japan's NTT Group to allow remote work for all 320,000 staff

Japanese tech giant NTT Group will allow its 320,000 staff to work remotely. The company yesterday announced it will promote "a new management style suitable for a decentralized network society" to respond to post-COVID realities. The plan applies around the world and calls for NTT staff to work from home if they desire. …

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  2. Tron Silver badge

    Post-Covid = Pre-Covid.

    Working from home helped during the pandemic. 'Post-Covid' means 'After Covid'. Once Covid is done and dusted. When it is not a problem. That appears to be now in the UK, where we seem to be living with Covid as we are living with HIV and Hepatitis. Check out how many fans are wedged into the footy at the weekend. That doesn't yell pandemic, does it? So why is home working 'needed' post-Covid?

    Japan is not yet 'post-Covid', but once it is, there is no reason to continue with Covid-era behaviour like social distancing, bans on crowds or home-working.

    Hybrid options are great for those who want them and can still be productive, but 'post-Covid', they will be entirely unnecessary on biomedical grounds.

    Incidentally, despite the football crowds, I would still urge general caution and mask use, even if the clowns ruining/running the country do not, as Covid has not 'left the building' quite yet in the UK.

    1. Tom 7

      Re: Post-Covid = Pre-Covid.

      I dont think we're living with covid like we were with HIV and Hepatis. Neither of those had 5 to 10 of people of work, out of school, generally feeling ill and neither of them could be caught from some twat walking up to you in Sainsbury's and breathing over you while you looked at the produce, or just sat on a bus on the way to work,

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Post-Covid = Pre-Covid.

      "So why is home working 'needed' post-Covid?"

      It's all about employee retention, efficiency and in some cases cost reduction. Covid has shown that in a lot of cases work can be done more effectively when using available tools like Teams. In a lot of cases traveling is a huge waste of time, a lot of companies have multiple offices anyway and nobody can split themselves up to be in multiple places at once. Being able to attend meetings remotely solves this problem and when you're already doing that you might as well save yourself some more time by staying at home.

      Sure, being on-site has it's social advantages but working at home one or two days a week is big advantage for me. Also, most meetings we have in the office involve people attending through Teams via a big conference screen. Some of which who have important input but wouldn't have attended pre-covid because of travel time.

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