back to article Oracle flexes its hardware muscles with beefed-up Exadata X9M appliance

Oracle has released the latest upgrade to its Exadata database appliance series, claiming to better earlier iterations on I/O and throughput. Building on the heritage of tightly integrated hardware and software it acquired with Sun Microsystems back in 2009, Big Red's beefed-up Exadata X9M claims online transaction processing …

  1. chasil


    A casual browse of the TPC-C top scores will show a stark fact:

    OceanBase v2.2 - 707,351,007

    Oracle Database 11g R2 - 30,249,688

    The age of Oracle's performance leadership appears to have come to an end.

    1. GBH

      Re: Oceanbase

      why do you compare with 11g - a mega old product? why do you not compare with 19c the current long time version?

  2. FIA Silver badge

    "Also, there is a tendency to give in to emotion and say 'no more Oracle no matter what' due to past sales tactics. I think everyone needs to move past all that."

    <Rolls up newspaper>

    <Bops IDC man on the nose>

    No! Bad IDC man!! Bad!!

    1. BOFH in Training Bronze badge

      Unless the management changes and they have at least 10 years history of not behaving like assholes, I will never have any Oracle DB / cloud in any organisation I am involved in.

  3. Bryan Hall

    Sounds impressive

    Impressive kit no doubt, but you have to be rolling in $$$ to take advantage of it.

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