back to article Two months after Microsoft's fee slash, Google prepares to take a lower cut from vendors on Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform – the perennially third-placed provider in the infrastructure-as-a-service sales race – will reportedly slash the fees charged to third-party vendors that use its cloud marketplace to punt their own services. According to CNBC, GCP will take a 3 per cent cut of the revenues generated by other vendors on …

  1. Robert Grant

    I've never trusted the Azure installable apps; so many look dodgy or unmaintained. Even their "official" email integration with Sendgrid is a joke; really disappointing.

    I think GCP could do well here to offer a K8s namespace that these apps could be installed into in a really standard way, just using the same Helm config that they might offer elsewhere. That way it would play into Google's strengths as the K8s expert, as well as giving GCP more high-quality apps, and many more apps would have Helm charts with really good defaults.

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