back to article Indian broadband connections top 800 million … sort of

India's Telecoms Regulatory Authority has revealed that the nation has over 800 million active broadband subscribers. The Authority's Highlights of Telecom Subscription Data [PDF] for the month ending on July 31st 2021 revealed that the nation started the month with 792.78 million broadband subscribers and ended it with 808.6 …

  1. ShadowSystems

    Correction already sent.

    They mention it in KB for most of the story & then switch to MB when talking about video conferencing. I've already let them know & the confusion should get fixed soon. Let's send them a pint to help lubricate their brain cells with nourishing Vitamin Beer. =-D

    1. Terry Barnes

      Re: Correction already sent.

      b not B. Network through is measured in bits per second.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As someone who runs a team that supports users in India (how the worm has turned.....) i can catagorically say their broadband is beyond useless and expectations of what businesses expect from home workers is absurd..

    Access to a Zoom Call....just about workable

    Accessing a VDI, or pulling code from a remote repo - hard work

    Working on CAD projects using Solidworks or other tools, total non-starter.

    But guess who's fault it is when the user has 2Mbps download speeds......yep, you guessed it . IT's fault.

    1. monty75

      Last time I was out there in those sepia-toned pre-pandemic days, the mobile broadband was pretty incredible. Couple of gigabytes allowance per day for pennies, decent download and upload speeds and reliable connections. But only if you have a friendly local who'll front up a sim for you as they insist on photo ID and generally are wary of anything other than an Indian-issued ID.

      Wired broadband, on the other hand, is shockingly bad. Frequently cuts out for anything between a few seconds and a few hours.


    average 17.8 Mbps download and 9.65 Mbps upload - real numbers

    Huge disparity in the results

    even for a region an 2.73 Mbps download and 1.02 Mbps upload average

    average was calculated across 5,190,664 samples at

  4. MiguelC Silver badge

    The 90's just called, they want their 512Kbps 'broadband' back

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Or, find a different word to describe a fast internet connection.

      The official definition of "broadband" is that it uses a broad band of frequencies to transmit data.

      56k dial-up meets the definition as it uses pretty much the full audio spectrum.

      Fibre to the home probably only allocates you a single frequency, so doesn't.

      I know which one i would rather have.

      1. Terry Barnes

        No, services that operate within telephony frequency constraints are defined as narrowband. Broadband defines a service that uses a wider frequency range than 300-3400hz.

    2. Terry Barnes

      512kbps is a noughties speed. The nineties were dial-up all the way, with maybe a bonded 128kbps ISDN connection if you had deep pockets.

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