back to article Microsoft wants you to know it hasn't forgotten about Surface

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Laptop Studio, and if you mistook it for a tablet with a trackpad stand, you'd be forgiven. The device was the last to be announced during a launch that was live-streamed on Wednesday. The event hyped up Windows 11 Surface PCs that are set to ship from October 5. At first, the Surface …

  1. Potemkine! Silver badge

    Microsoft wants you to know it hasn't forgotten about Surface

    Neither do I. The ones (Surface 3, Surface 4) we had were expensive, with a low battery life, and unreliable. All of them went to recycling long before the other laptops bought at the same time. So: Surface? Never again. Trust in MS hardware is broken.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      You missed out on Microsoft's very generous out of warranty replacement service.

      My Surface Pro normally lasts about 2 years before I manage to break the screen. £400 and I have a replacement device. Started off with a Pro 4, now have a Pro 5 (top of the range).

      You normally only get the same version or possibly one up, but what's not to like? I view it as paying £200 per year rental.

      That said, their marketing department need to be shown the door. Just joining old words in a new order doesn't make a new product name.

  2. johnnyblaze


    The Surface range are eye-candy devices only, designed to compete with MacBooks (yes, Microsoft still have Apple-envy). Put any Surface device in the Enterprise and watch them fail on most counts - reliability being the main problem. They're not user expandable or repairable and seem to break/crash if you sneeze on them wrong (Surface firmware is buggy as hell).

    1. Snake Silver badge

      Re: Unreliable

      I think it is the inevitable side effect of constantly focusing on thin and light, to the detriment of design. At least MacBooks have the aluminium chassis to (usually) give them back some strength, the Surface products are not made with such study shell materials.

      Users may not like bulk but it is generally the only way to protect the device from their incredible lack of care. Most people simply take no considerate level of concern regarding delicate objects any more, they expect everything to put up with their level of abuse and consider the device / object "faulty" if it can't. If I showed some of the (sometimes extremely expensive) pieces that have come back to us for repair, sometimes mangled almost to the point of unrecognizable, you'd be shocked.

      1. Giles C Silver badge

        Re: Unreliable

        Well an ex colleague had a MacBook in a rucksack, rode his motorbike and it came out of the rucksack. It might have been ok until an 44tonne lorry drove over it.

        Nothing was bringing that one back to life.

        It was amazing there how many corporate iPhones used to fail just after the model was released and needed replacement the telecomms manager got wise to this so gave out the oldest phones he had and told them to raise a PO for a brand new one which needed to be approved by the finance director

    2. DavidYorkshire

      Re: Eye-candy

      At least the laptops appear to have replaceable SSDs now, unlike the earlier models where they were soldered.

      Replacing the batteries still looks to be difficult, though.

  3. DavidYorkshire

    DIdn't HP try the a device exactly like that Surface Studio Laptop a few years ago? It had a leather cover and was called Spectre Folio or something like that. They don't seem to have sold particularly well (saw them discounted), and there only seems to have been one model before they abandoned that type of hybrid form-factor.

  4. FozzyBear

    Microsoft wants you to know it hasn't forgotten about Surface

    They should, we sure have!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I had a surface pro 3. It was great for the 4 years it lasted... but the earthing on the case started to fail, so to use the touchpad i had to also be touching the back of the screen, and then if it got warm the screen would loose sync and be unusable.

    I would have replaced it with a surface laptop, but to get one with a UK qwerty here would have been about double the price to import it and you can't spec the keyboard layout on their local website, and the telephone ordering people refused to help.

    <shrug> got a dell with twice the ram and a better graphics and screen for less money.

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