back to article Dell bids adieu to the era of big acquisitions, concentrates on paying down debt and Michael's new book

Dell CEO Michael Dell once loved big-ticket acquisitions, but not anymore. Dell ruled out major takeovers in the future, and will instead focus on partnerships for product offerings, he said during an analyst presentation livestream on Thursday. The biz that bears his name went on a string of acquisitions through the last …

  1. Ace2

    Private! No, public! No, private again!

    Michael Dell wins

    Lawyers win

    MBAs win

    Investors and customers lose

    1. Psmo

      You should reformat.

      Observed wisdom packaged as haiku.

      Although not easy.

  2. Bill Posters

    Such a rebel

    What, no announcements on plans to build his own rocket?

  3. SuperGeek

    I was hoping...

    The title of his book would be "F*cking DELL!!! - How to be proprietary in a world of open standards" :)

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