back to article AWS announces new region in the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand

Amazon Web Services has announced it will build a Region in New Zealand and light it up by the year 2024. The forthcoming Asia Pacific (Auckland) Region will feature three availability zones - a configuration AWS rarely exceeds. The cloud colossus has said it will spend US$5.3 billion in New Zealand over the next 15 years, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No, has to be local

    Keep your servers in your OWN country, that Australia hacking isn't confined to Australia. Any business with a base in Australia is subject to it, you need to force your data into your home country with severe penalties for exfiltration data equal or greater than the Aussie laws. i.e. their penalty is to 10 years in prison for not assisting in their hacking/surveillance, yours needs to be 10-20 years for assisting that Aussie cyber attack against your home country.

    It's just a rack of computers, it can be anywhere, if Huawei can run data centers per country, why does Amazon keep putting them in 5 eyes countries?

    Don't undermine the security and sovereinty of your home country by using this 5 eyes backdoored crap.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: No, has to be local

      Oh the poor little CCP troll is unhappy, he/she wants all the servers where the CCP can get at them...

    2. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: No, has to be local

      Did you not know that AWS also has two regions (Ningxia and Beijing) in China? They spread like a malignant tumour...

      Of course, in China they cannot run it on their own and they had to let communists in.

  2. Alan Brown Silver badge

    This is interesting

    It wasn't so long ago that companies shunned New Zealand, citing hostile telecommunications environments and a rapacious telco

    Times have changed, this is a vindication of the policy change and breakup of Telecom New Zealand (a poster child of how not to privatize your telco)

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: This is interesting

      Or it means international links are still so poor that you need the data locally

      1. Noodle

        Re: This is interesting

        Yeah, that's not what it means.

  3. TonyR

    All Normal

    All part of the ebb and flow of ICT Strategy.

    - Data is safe in the Cloud

    - Data is safe if the cloud is in your legal jurisdiction

    - Data is safe if the cloud is on premises

    - Data is safe if you own the cloud/kit

    Repeat for systems.

  4. Rob F

    There is quite a bit of discussion with customers about repatriating services and data

    We've had quite a few discussions with customers about going into Cloud now in Australia and then bringing those services back to New Zealand when the Cloud Platforms are available. This seems to sit well with a lot of customers, and we've had a lot of commitment on the basis of Azure and now AWS committing to build into New Zealand.

    I think interestingly that the Virtual Desktop products are one of the hottest tickets of discussion. I had thought VDI was going away, but it has returned with a vengeance, especially with the extended lockdowns we've had and customers moving into further commoditisation of bring your own endpoint options.

    New Zealand has been shown in recent times to be a forward thinking, digital ready market, and I think this is the outcome of this.

  5. veti Silver badge

    Would be more useful to put it at the other end of the country. Come 2024, there's going to be a lot of slack in the power supply for the lower South Island, and Amazon could improve its green cred by soaking up some of that. Shifting all that extra power to the already overloaded Auckland network is a lot of avoidable inefficiency.

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