back to article Zoom's $15bn merger with Five9 probed by Uncle Sam for national security risks

Zoom’s ties to China are at the center of a US government investigation into the video-conferencing giant's $15bn plan to take over Five9, a California call-center-in-the-cloud. The snappily titled Committee for the Assessment of Foreign Participation in the United States Telecommunications Service Sector – known as Team …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not a problem for us..

    .. as we use a Jitsi server + Firefox. Cheaper, and more trustworthy - what's not to like?

    1. Mahhn

      Re: Not a problem for us..

      You got me interested, I reviewed their pages to see if it can replace zoom, but it seams focused on mobile apps. Two conflicting pages on the desktop - one says they stopped developing it, another says its supported - so idk. I'd love to dump zoom, but this looks more like a dev toy than a common video chat. Maybe if they decide to make money it will mature into something to replace the CCP spyware.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not a problem for us..

        Jitsi doesn't need a "desktop app" because it works in the browser. That's probably what they mean by desktop use being supported, but the desktop client being discontinued - Jitsi has a long history even before real-time communication was added to web standards (WebRTC, etc.).

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not a problem for us..

        Apoligies, I'll be more accurate. You deploy a Jitsi server in a place with enough bandwidth and enough security to keep the machine safe (because it's basically the only point at which you can itercept the signals), and then you use either Firefox from desktop/laptop or (on mobile) the Jitsi Meet app to access the server (FF works there too, but the app has less video lag).

        The URLs the server generates tend to persist so you can run up a meeting URL that people can pop in and out of as well, which we used to connect up a coupe of dev places when we were doing some weird stuff that for some bizarre reason produced results despite not being started with a proper plan (we were just messing around), but I digress.

        The nice thing about this approach is that you can experiment without blowing a budget, it works on Linux, McOS and Windows and it works as well from home as from the office, although we will probably put it behind a VPN in the future because we're too lazy to implement proper authentication right now :).

        1. Mahhn

          Re: Not a problem for us..

          Thank you

  2. A random security guy

    Zoom is going into speech, data analytics

    Zoom tracks meta information about who is talking to whom. They would like to know if company A and B are talking to each other and is the traffic going up or down. It can help with business decisions, competitive analysis, etc.

    It can tell if a dissident is talking to someone or not.

    Length, frequency, speech analysis, etc. will all help them control the entire world.

    With Xiaomi having been caught censoring content on phones, we know what the world is going to look like: 1984.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People have absolutely no idea of what is really going on.....

    problem is that sites like TheRegister, and other such I.T sites are being monitored.

    you may laugh.... and think so's all public....

    but when you are also involved with tracking VPN's had have tens of billions $ tied up in the long game.

    Just think how many corporate boards were using Zoom..... and what they were talking about...

    Don't even get me started about the cameras....... I saw a poster in here talking about how he could not find a problem with certain cameras....

    He did not look hard enough...

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