back to article Kali Linux 2021.3 released with new tools

Kali Linux version 2021.3 has been released with new tools, though its makers explain that some features which make it good for penetration testing also make it bad for general use. The specialist Linux distribution, based on Debian, is designed for security professionals (and also handy for administrators confronted by …

  1. trevorde Silver badge

    If it's good enough for Mr Robot...

    ... then it's good enough for me!

    1. LionelB Bronze badge

      Re: If it's good enough for Mr Robot...

      Yeah, stopped watching, because the computers didn't go "beep" enough.

  2. Clausewitz 4.0

    Exploit usage, niche and time

    QUOTE: For an exploit, you need to have a vulnerability. It's a race against time. Being able to successfully create an exploit and then using it, versus someone coming along and applying a patch."

    REPLY: Some market niches do not patch THAT OFTEN. Your bugs are good to go even in a 5/10-year timeframe.

  3. jake Silver badge

    This thing is NOT a daily driver.

    Use it as a Live CD/DVD toolbox for security testing if you must ... but you'll learn a lot more about using the tools if you collect the ones you need yourself and add them to a distribution that is built to be customized. I use and recommend Slackware for this purpose.

    Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the original Kali Linux, the one that went away about ten years ago? Do these people have permission to use the name, or did they just take it without asking?

  4. W.S.Gosset Silver badge


    Heh. I can just imagine the forehead-slapping moment when someone got caught by that. "Why are WE hardened!?! D'oh!"

  5. sebacoustic

    parental guidance?

    Where did i hear about Kali featuring in a list of stuff parents should worry about among their offspring's computer usage, alongside violent computer games, supremacist/extremist content and suicide forums?

    Personally i'd be proud if my kids were experimenting with Kali rather than watching Netflix or whatever. But if they did and pwnded my computer, maybe i'd think different...

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