back to article Aviation-themed phishing campaign pushed off-the-shelf RATs into inboxes for 5 years

A phishing campaign that mostly targeted the global aviation industry may be connected to Nigeria, according to Cisco Talos. The malicious campaigns centred around phishing emails linking to "off-the-shelf malware" being sent to people around the world – even those with a marginal interest in commercial aviation. Although …

  1. Unbelievable!

    wish these security houses would share their tools..

    The more we (the general public) are kept uniformed and prevented from analysing activity on our own systems, the more security houses keep themselves in business.

    .Profit before good intentions. So they won't help the end user. just tell the world they helped. SEC business is a big dog-eat dog situation. the problem is, it's a business. Money before all else.

    FULLY SHARE THE TOOLS AND INSIGHT if you TRULY want badware to diminish

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The fun of TLAs

    RAT = Ram-Air turbine, a little propeller-driven electrickery generator that pops out the engine fairing or pylon when the gennie attached to the engine stops producing power.

    RAT = Rocket-Assisted Take-off (or Rocket Assisted Take Off if you want to be posh & use an FLA) - does what it says on the strap-on giant firework, uses rockets strapped to the aircraft to help lift it off the ground.

    Oh, the fun you can have in a multi-disciplinary meeting when half the managers cannot resist talking in acronyms...

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