back to article Feeling saucy? Wave of Microsoft releases includes go-live licence for .NET 6

Microsoft has released another wave of previews for its .NET technology stack, but this time including a go-live licence for .NET 6 that enables brave users to deploy to production. .NET 6 is significant, since it is a long-term support (LTS) release, the first since .NET Core 3.1 in December 2019. It is therefore the first …

  1. TheSirFin

    Great Choice

    Bit of a random comment, but just want to congratulate Il Reg staff on the choice of picture to go with the article.

    1. You chose a female surfer getting barrelled .... awesome shot

    2. You chose one where she had a full wetsuit and not a bikini on. That shows a nice touch of class.

    Thank you Folks for not going for the standard skimpy bikini girl clickbait photos that are so pervasive elsewhere.

    (posted as a grumpy old surfer who works in tech)

  2. NerryTutkins

    market share

    ASP.NET has lost out to PHP largely as a result of migration of many sites to SaaS providers, running a common platform, rather than ASP.NET sites switching to home-brew PHP sites.

    It also has not been helped at the home brew end by the constantly chopping and changing and general instability of the offering, with things like webforms being sidelined and then dumped. Who'd invest effort in new things like Blazor when it's quite likely Microsoft will lose interest in that in a couple of years, and completely redefine some new paradigm as the next big thing, so all your investment in both skills and codebase become obsolete going forward?

    1. Sandgrounder

      Re: market share

      ASP.NET Web Forms has been around since 2002, is still supported today, old apps using it still run, new apps can be created with it. Classifying this as constant chopping, changing feels a little harsh.

  3. Peter D

    No MAUI

    MAUI has been delayed to Q2 2022 which is a pity because it's got potential.

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