back to article Intuit branches out into email marketing by splashing $12bn on Mailchimp acquisition

Financial software specialist Intuit has splashed the cash to branch out into the world of email newsletters, throwing $12bn (around £8.7bn) at Mailchimp as part of its effort to "become an AI-driven expert platform." The deal will see Intuit, best known for its TurboTax and QuickBooks software packages, spend $12bn in cash …

  1. NXM

    I ditched QuickBooks years ago when it turned out to be incapable of calculating vat returns properly.

    1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

      I ditched QuickBooks for a simple spreadsheet a year or two ago when they continued to insist that their failure to connect to my Co-op bank account was the Co-op's fault (it's not).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes, that's exactly what I need

    More money to Mailchimp to spew more spam my way.

    F*ck that, I'm going to ban the whole domain from my mailserver.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Ian Mason

      Re: Yes, that's exactly what I need

      I did that, including banning lots of other domains associated with mailchimp, ages ago because all they did was spew spam. In the several years since I've had to add *one* exception for something that I actually want to receive.

    3. Diogenes8080

      Re: Yes, that's exactly what I need

      Then drop the ranges indicated by and remember that they will include all of the Mandrill space which is notionally transactional. In practice RSG's toleration for bulk from those blocks has varied over the years. Any commentards managing mailservers for others would be better advised to conditionally deliver (i.e. place in junk) with a prior policy announcement to recipients.

      For those suggesting / requesting free services, my experience is that any sort of entry level / taster service will be abused.

      In other news, Scurvy Monkey are renaming themselves. The damage to simian-themed poo-slinging brands appears to be irreparable. Did I just muddle that last sentence?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Yes, that's exactly what I need

        Did I just muddle that last sentence?

        No, you made me laugh.

        As a result, I am willing to forgive any temporary collateral damage to the English language you may have inflicted in the process :).

  3. Arthur the cat Silver badge


    I know a small (UK) charity that uses the free Mailchimp offering for sending out newsletters (to ~1-2 hundred subscribers). They have very little technical know how so probably couldn't set up and run their own mail list. Any suggestions what they should move to if/when Mailchimp starts trying to charge?

    1. ElRegioLPL

      Re: Suggestions?

      Sendinblue 100%.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Suggestions?

        I don't know about you, but my ISP offers their own facilities for mailing lists. Comes with the package.

        Combined with unlimited email addresses (within reason, of course, but max 5GB sized mailboxes don't even come off my now 1TB storage allowance) and aliases it allows me to cook up any campaign I want and kill it off later.

        In addition, their Terms are brutally unsubtle about consequences for abuse which makes it less likely that anything will be blocked as a spam source - IMHO the way it should be for people who don't treat the Net as a place they can befoul with crap just abuse is so cheap, a sort of electronic fly-tipping.

        As a matter of fact, their email facilities make it a cheap way to set up a company email system: just get one of their web packages and just use the email :).

    2. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

      Re: Suggestions?

      "Another great thing about this is that 95 per cent of [Mailchimp's] revenue is recurring, and we're really excited about that."

      Yes, it's only a matter of when not if when the charges will go up

    3. Giles C Silver badge

      Re: Suggestions?

      I’m in the same position, run a car club with 90 members uninhabited the free tier, wonder how long that will remain in place for?

  4. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    Not Intu it

    In terms of customer (mis)treatment, Intuit and LogMeIn are locked in a race to the bottom.

  5. msobkow Bronze badge

    *shrug* They don't need it. They already have a habit of spamming me about their unnecessary high-price "features" for large organizations on a regular basis.

    Despicable organization. Back in the 90s, I bought a copy of QuickBooks Pro and was done with accounting software until I retired my business.

    Now its gouge, gouge, gouge every month and they don't even have all the features I was using in the old version unless you pony up $50+/month! :o

  6. NeilPost Silver badge


    Yikes they could have bought something worthwhile/compatible for that money.

    The U.K.‘s Digital only Starling Bank about 7 times over.

    A true disruptor..

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