back to article IBM's former Chinese Power Systems partner sues for theft of customer data

IBM has been sued for trade secret misappropriation by a Chinese company called Beijing Neu Cloud Oriental System Technology Co., Ltd, over "fraudulent and unfair business practices" that allegedly saw Big Blue encourage use of Neu Cloud's customer information by staffers at server-maker Inspur. According to Neu Cloud's …

  1. imanidiot Silver badge

    Share IP to China => Get burnt

    Why do companies keep falling for this? I've yet to hear a story of this working out favourably for western companies. We've given China all the means they need to become a global power and somehow the "powers that be" will be surprised when they start wielding that power (And wield it they will).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yuck, 5 eyes cloud

    You put critical Chinese company secrets on servers running software controlled by a 5-eyes nation? Why would you do that?

    They won't allow Google Play in China. That turned out to be an excellent choice!

    Google's new App Bundles means software developers hand over the app siging keys to Google (and I have no doubt NSA and 5 eyes and Australia). Australia implements a new hacking law that lets it add/modify stuff in the attack, and immediately follows it with a US-Aus cyber cooperation treaty. That would let them deliver trojan apps, with extra surveillance added, signed as if they were the official App. With Australia fronting the hack, but actually any of their partners requesting it.

    All your messaging and phone and camera and voice apps, track and trace, banking, everything, critical business apps, all can be backdoored legally and easily. They didn't just backdoor encryption, those three moves combined have the net effect of backdooring everything.

    But, Google Play is banned in China. Huawei and the rest have their own app store and companies protect their own app keys. The new "hand over the keys" only applies outside of China. China can secure its apps, at least on its own app-stores, but Europe, Asia, etc. cannot. China made the right choice clearly!

    But the same applies for cloud services. Why on earth would you let potentially backdoored crap in? Who cares which IBM subsidiary is pushing it, you cannot ensure the basic security of this cloud crap, when they've given themselves the tools and legal right to hack it.

    1. electrofan

      Re: Yuck, 5 eyes cloud

      China can secure its apps? LOL

      It is widely known that China's big companies like Xiaomi sell their devices cheap

      as a way to implement their trojan horse spy bugs all around the world and dominate.

      Xiaomi's phone send people's data to gosts severs both in China and Russia.

      That's just one tiny example.

      They also insert microscopic tiny spy bugs all throughout the supply chains

      of a gazzilion different basic parts that make up products of all kinds meant to be shipped worldwide.

      There's no country that's spying as much and as indiscriminitely as China.

      By 100X.

      And no other country is spying on its own citizens as much as China. By 100X.

      So i dont know what the F you're talking about when you're talking

      About China securing its apps/people etc.. Makes ZERO sense.

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