back to article You can quote us on that: Workday scoops up job pricing specialist Zimit in focus on services

Workday has paid an undisclosed price for pricing engine and guided selling firm Zimit, a software company specialising in helping companies quote for their services. The idea is businesses "plug in" Zimit between their CRM and ERP systems to help them understand the configuration and cost of services they provide. Zimit then …

  1. Doctor Tarr

    Just awful

    Is there any enterprise system that sucks more than Workday?

    1. Outski

      Re: Just awful

      I'd say Remedy runs it close (or at least did, the last time I used it which was admittedly quite a while back)

    2. czechitout

      Re: Just awful

      It depends what angle you're looking at it from.

      I'd say Workday is the least sucky HR system, having implemented/worked with most of the major ones. It's UI is easily the best out of the major vendors (Workday, Oracle, SAP) and many of the common tasks required for bread and butter activities like payroll reports, integrations etc. it does out of the box, whereas other solution still require a lot of manual config.

      In fact, the only reason not to go with Workday, for HR at least, is cost - and the only reason it costs the most is because it's the best, whereas SAP will offer you SuccessFactors for free if you're a major SAP user and Oracle will offer Cloud HCM for a massive discount as they are petrified of losing market share to Workday.

  2. LybsterRoy Silver badge

    I tried running the article through Google translate - it didn't help :(

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