back to article UK splashes out £30m on improving antiquated patent system, Deloitte and NTT Data are the lucky winners

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has awarded two new contracts in it's bid to get up to speed in the 21st Century. Deloitte has won a £23.8m contract to become a “strategic supplier to deliver digital services” as it attempts to execute its “transformation plan” aim at allowing organisation and individual to digitally …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    From 5 days to 5 minutes

    Dear me, just how much paperwork has been slashed to get to that ratio ?

    Doesn't that kind of mean that the paper process was not very efficient ?

    I understand that a paper process in three steps could go from a day to an hour (or even 15 minutes), but if it used to take 5 days and now takes only 5 minutes, some kind of corners must have been cut.

    In the best-case scenario, of course, it means that they have successfully streamlined the overall process.

    In that case, congratulations.

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