back to article Browser-based video editor Clipchamp disappears into the bowels of Microsoft 365

Microsoft has purchased Clipchamp, maker of browser-based video editing tools, and claimed it is "a natural fit to extend the cloud-powered productivity experiences in Microsoft 365." Based in Brisbane, Australia, Clipchamp was founded in 2013 (though not under that name) with the idea of building a distributed supercomputer. …

  1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    More features that users don't need

    Microsoft need to acquire companies that bolster reliability of their existing products, rather than chasing new features.

    To my mind one of the savviest acquisitions Microsoft has ever made was sysinternals. Not just because of where Russinovich is today, but because it threw great insight into what Windows was doing under the bonnet. The crazy thing is that you would have thought that, as part of the development of Windows, Microsoft would already have wriiten tools like this for internal use from the ground up, to improve the reliability of its products. It seems that this was not the case, otherwise there would have been no need to buy the company*.

    *The cynical among us would say that it was to trash freely-available utilities that were a bit too useful, or to shamelessly head-hunt. Again though, you would think a company writing an OS would have this kind of calibre of staff already on board.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: you would think [Microsoft] would have this kind of calibre of staff already on board

      Oh I think Borkzilla has great people on board. That is why I simply cannot comprehend the Metro UI, or pushing dev updates to the live channel, or printergate.

      It's almost as if the people giving the orders were an order of magnitude less competent than the people actually doing the work.

      That's probably the reason why Borkzilla got rid of its QA department - too much trouble to deal with, much more comfortable to push a patch you think is ready and deal with the fallout (no, it isn't, but that's how it seems).

  2. druck Silver badge


    That's Chromebook users stuffed, unless they buy a 365 subscription.

  3. Tron


    'being assimilated by the Borg allows us to become part of a future legacy.'


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