back to article Indonesian President's COVID jab cert leaks – authorities argue that's perfectly reasonable

Indonesian authorities have admitted that the COVID-19 vaccination certificate of the nation's President has circulated online and tried to explain that it's an indication of admirable transparency, rather than lamentable security. That President Joko Widodo's vaccination certificate was made public late last week is not in …

  1. Razgrizian

    PII protection is basically non-existent in Indonesia

    As an Indonesian, I am completely not surprised with a lot of recent data breaches in this country and the lack of meaningful actions by our government

    Personal identifiable information is basically a joke among Indonesians, even at the government!

    Average Indonesians rarely safeguard their PII and local government in my province knowingly shared a spreadsheet containing PII (can be searched with search engine!)

    I am now eagerly waiting for Parliament to pass the proposed Personal Data Protection Act... although I have my doubt with current administration which is double-whacked with COVID-19 right now

  2. Falmari Silver badge


    I have no sympathy for politicians. But in this case it seems transparency is dammed if you do dammed if you don't.

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