back to article Indonesian authorities probe million-record leak from national COVID app

Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Informatics is investigating a leak of over a million records from the nation's COVID-19 quarantine management app. News of the leak was revealed on August 30th by security review site vpnMentor, which wrote that its research team discovered exposed databases generated by eHAC, an app …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What did they expect?

    You call your app e-hac(k) & expect it NOT to get targeted by every script kiddie in the world? In that case please put this new security app called "E-OpenStableDoor" in charge of your horses. What could possibly go wrong? *FacePalmSigh*

  2. IGotOut Silver badge


    How are you supposed flog everyone's data if you give it away free.

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