back to article Rockset hopes to lessen streaming analytics time-suck by having SQL transform live data

Real-time analytical database slinger Rockset has introduced SQL transforms to livestreaming along with a method for rolling up data it claimed will offer users a reduction in the cost of storage and querying. Database experts have said cost reductions would depend entirely on the use case but welcomed the introduction of the …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Scale will still be a problem

    The more typecasting you can do as part of ETL the better: pgloader is a good example for this. But as soon as you want to start indexing for queries you're going to want to make tradeoffs.

    This approach sounds very much like being able to run prepared queries, at will and via batches (renamed as "rollups" by those clever chaps in the marketing department), in near real time. This will certainly drive up the RAM / server requirements.

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