back to article Blackbaud – firm that paid off crooks after 2020 ransomware attack – fails to get California privacy law claim dropped

A judge in South Carolina has struck out a number of claims in a consolidated class-action suit alleging cloud CRM provider Blackbaud didn't do enough to prevent a 2020 ransomware attack, but allegations under California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will move forward. Blackbaud, a cloud software provider that sells CRM …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "...could net statutory damages of up to $750 per violation for the California plaintiffs"

    I wonder how that $750 will be divided between plaintiffs and their lawyers. Class actions never seem to yield real compensation (except to the lawyers).

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Social Good Entities"

    What the heck are those ? Twitter ? Facebook ?

    Good entities ?

  3. Colonel Mad


    Blackbaud, (the under a) "cloud software provider that sells CRM systems for fundraising and communications to charities and educational institutions,".

  4. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    Ah, Blackbaud

    I remember running a Raiser's Edge server in the Noughties. Geez, what a piece of work. If memory serves, Blackbaud came out with a new set of patches every Friday to fix the bugs they'd introduced in the previous Friday's set of patches. As soon as we got wind that Blackbaud was offering RE as a hosted-solution, I went straight to the Alumni/Advancement VP and said "yeah, you need to do this, no matter how much it costs." They did, and my Fridays became a little happier.

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