back to article CentOS replacement AlmaLinux free on Azure, Microsoft to provide global network of mirrors

CentOS replacement AlmaLinux will be available on Azure Marketplace at no extra software cost, and Microsoft will sponsor a global mirror network for the operating system, it was announced today. Though AlmaLinux is free, open-source, and can be downloaded here, the Linux distro is also now available in the Azure Marketplace …

  1. teknopaul Silver badge

    oh really

    " in a matter of minutes they can transition to Oracle or Red Hat because we're all compatible."

    This kind is of change can be expensive and time consuming.

    I imagine more than a few folks have noted the stability of Debian releases and are working out if the transition there might be a more stable, thus cheaper, place to be in the long run.

    Pulling the rug out from under CentOS doesn't give you a warm feeling that RHEL itself under IBM is going to be without uncomfortable changes.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beware of M$ bearing Gifts.

    Trojan Horse?

  3. Plest Silver badge

    FOSS is hilarious in a good way.

    In the bad old days company X would buy out popular company Y and make some cash over a couple of years, or just abandon it.

    Nowadays big FOSS company X buys out largish FOSS company Y and immediately the community forks the code and releases a workable product in less time that company X has to blink and consider how to make money from the acquisition! Loving MariaDB and Rocky.

  4. Prabesh

    I don't like Microsoft.

    But this can actually benefit Alma.

    I was wondering what could go wrong?

  5. Alpine_Hermit

    Windows 12


    The new Windows 12 ?

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