back to article Facebook now says it won't recall staff to its offices until 2022 due to delta variant

Facebook has delayed recalling its workers to their offices in the US and beyond until January next year at the earliest. The internet goliath had hoped to reopen most of its stateside offices to 50 per cent capacity next month, and require everyone back by October. It also planned to continue opening up its EMEA and APAC …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What data

    I wonder if they will share the data that they are using in order that we can all benefit from what the apparently know.

    I have had both jabs , so either I am now relatively safe or the jabs don't work... Which is it ?

    In any event this appears to be an orchestrated move.. Facebook are not in the caring business... So I would presume that there are other motives behind this news.. Especially as those that work in big tech are not those that are particularly at risk...

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: What data

      "I have had both jabs , so either I am now relatively safe or the jabs don't work... Which is it ?"

      The former. They just aren't making people come back to the office. Those who want to can. And there is the end of the matter. Your current safety is as strong as it ever was.

      As for their data, it likely consists of existing public case, hospitalization, death, and variant rates. They don't want to go to the effort of getting everyone settled into the office again only to have to shut things down a month later, so they decided to do nothing for a while. They don't have to do this out of an altruistic concern for their workers' safety, because their profit depends on their workers' safety too.

      1. jmch Silver badge

        Re: What data

        "They just aren't making people come back to the office. Those who want to can. "

        My experience (and that of many many other people in tech) is that a large proportion of jobs can be done anywhere with a laptop and a connection. Top-of-the-head estimate I would say at least 80% of tech jobs can be done at 80% out of the corporate office. A significant proportion could also be done at 100% out of the corporate office.

        We now have had an extended trial period of 1 year+ of vast numbers of office workers doing their work away from the office, and the apocalypse hasn't happened.

        So why, for effs sake, are we back in a place when companies would ever *require* people to be in the office??

        "Those who want to can" should be the new model of office work in the foreseeable future.

        1. John Sturdy

          Re: What data

          Not only can a lot of tech jobs be done outside of a corporate office, but many (most, I suspect) can be done better almost anywhere other than the office. (Slight hyperbole there; I can think of plenty of places even worse for tech work, such as a supermarket or a rave. But most of us can find somewhere better than the office.)

          Penguin, because if frequent face-to-face interaction is critical to projects, how did the Linux kernel get as far as it has?

    2. Blank Reg Silver badge

      Re: What data

      The latest data is showing that many more fully vaccinated people are contracting the Delta variant than with previous variants. I've not seen anything to prove that the vaccinated get any sicker than before, but with Delta even fully vaccinated people can easily spread the virus if they'be been infected, and that's bad news as it just keeps it spreading and eventually we'll get yet another variant that is even more dangerous.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: What data

        Latest technical data from Public Health England shows a higher death rate in vaccinated than unvaccinated people under 50 for the delta variant which is the complete opposite of the much more dangerous alpha. There’s a fair number in the over 50s that are vaccinated dying from it but without knowing the age and health of those concerned that could be entirely expected. For the under 50s you could generally assume a higher starting point for general health.

        This fits with what some epidemiologists have been saying with regards to the immune system having a better response in the unvaccinated.

        More research clearly needed but unfortunately the bandwagon is near terminal velocity and anyone pointing out the relative innocuousness of the delta variant for the healthy and the similarity of its case fatality rate to that of flu are quickly silenced despite the support of the statistics.

        As one specialist pointed out, a lot of the deaths in the UK can be linked to the decades long increase in obesity and poor general health in the population at large.

  2. Jou (Mxyzptlk) Silver badge

    "Dead people don't earn us money"

    The real reason should be worded like this:

    "Dead people don't earn us money. Sick people don't earn us money. And don't get me started about a PR disaster with a COVID outbreak in our facilities, they should keep their germs at home."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fact book continues lying

    Just love a leaky vaccine, ADE issues and all.

    And then there’s the recall of the fraudulent PCR test that cannot distinguish between Influenza A, B or Covid...

    Just to be sure, best that Bare-Face lies are supported by virtue-signalling corporate policies too

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