back to article RingCentral shouts revenue growth from the rooftops while shareholders can't help but notice deepening losses

RingCentral is all about the integration of apps in the comms and collaboration sectors to boost productivity and efficiency, but the biz might just need someone to run the same rules over its own bloated overheads. The cloudy comms concern reported second quarter numbers that show continued demand for its services: revenues …

  1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Translation needed

    AI enabled tools which provide predictive analytics on customer health metrics across the entire customer base."

    Hmmmm. Are they saying their previous customer churn was down to all their customers dying...

    Quite clever if they've got an AI that can spot a customer before they leave and presumably then task a terminator to stop them from doing so.

  2. osxtra

    Is This The Party To Whom I Am Speaking?

    Am not a big fan of this company. We used them briefly back in '12 when going multi-office and switching to a VoIP provider. It was awful. Service was sub-par and support was tier 0.5 at best; they just wantedg to argue all the time rather than trying to solve whatever problem was at hand. Never did figure out where the call center was. After a few months we gave up and switched to 8x8, staying there until early last year due to too many dropped calls. Now we're with Jive and, while all providers have their issues, compared to 8x8 their management UI is head and shoulders above. RC's is also pretty basic.

    We still use RC for faxing - about $25 / month - no real complaints except we had to stop advertising the toll-free fax number to customers as they'd fail (100% for both in and outbound with the TF, maybe 5% with the local #'s also running through them). The TF fax is also at Jive now, but only for inbound.

    As an aside, instead of RC's method which employs a sender whitelist to allow outbound faxing (which, though not tested, could probably be 'abused' as it doesn't appear to check the sender's IP), Jive requires an access code to be embedded in the subject line, which is fine unless your fax is a cc (extra copy of an emailed invoice, or whatever). Were we to use Jive as our main fax platform, we'd need to pipe messages through an alias and have a script remove the code so as not to show our customers how to fax for free.

    That project is in the "Voluminous Free Time" folder for now...

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