back to article Vivo X60 Pro: Branding was plastered all over the Euros, but does the phone perform better than the English team?

As England made it way to the final of the Euro 2020 footie tournament, fans of the beautiful game could hardly have failed to notice adverts for Vivo flashing up during matches. The company's X60 Pro phone is in play but is it any good? The Register was handed a device by the company to snap shots around London's Wembley …

  1. John Sager

    WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

    So will it support WiFi calling on all or even any of the UK networks? Living in a hole I need it now that Voda are turning off Sure Signal. But with my 3 year old Moto G6 Plus, no chance! So I need a new phone but perhaps not this one. Too expensive anyway.

    1. Dr_N Silver badge

      Re: WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

      Try Xiaomi

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

      Some recent Vivo models - mainly the higher tier ones - do have WiFi calling for the UK networks.

    3. jonathan keith Silver badge

      Re: WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

      Sony's excellent Xperia 5 II has WiFi calling - I'm on O2 out in the sticks and it's invaluable. No idea about other networks. Plus it's cheap less expensive, the camera seems pretty decent if that's your bag, it will take a microSD card (or a second SIM) and it has a headphone socket. It's too bad it doesn't have a replaceable battery, but then again, who does?

    4. MrMerrymaker Silver badge

      Re: WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

      Xiaomi on EE has it.

  2. lglethal Silver badge


    Can we get an idea of how big this is? Size matters after all?

    And I might be in the minority, but what I wouldnt give for a good SMALL phone! My Xperia X Compact is getting to the end of its life (the USB socket is failing, so charging is becoming a problem), but finding a phone thats even remotely near that size is almost impossible.

    Closest are Pixel 4a (blerrgg Google), Iphone 12 mini (blerggh Apple), or Xperia 5 III (3cm longer! WTF!). Anyone got any other suggestions?

    1. KittenHuffer Silver badge

      Re: Size?

      Second hand Xperia XZ1 Compact? A sub-£100 option.

      And hopefully by the time that starts to pack up someone somewhere will have cottoned onto the fact that some of us don't want (what we used to call) a phablet stuffed in our pockets all day.

    2. Ken G

      Re: Size?

      Samsung A53? The Sony's are long and narrow but too expensive for what you get. I'm just about to replace my Xiaomi Mi Play but can't find anything small (apart from a Soyes mini phone I got for fun).

      I considered getting a Sony Z5 compact and flashing a new ROM but couldn't find newer than 7.

    3. aje21

      Re: Size?

      I went with an Asus Zenphone 8, happy with it so far.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Size?

        I like the look/size/spec of the Zenfone 8. And as a previously happy Padfone Mini user I like Asus' stuff.

        But I'm not paying upwards of £600 for a telephone.

        1. Nelbert Noggins

          Re: Size?

          Agree, I went from a Lenovo p2 to a ZenFone 6.

          Keen retail pricing, dual SIM, SD card, so close to stock you wouldn't notice android, and kept the week long battery life. I hardy use a phone camera, nevermind the front facing one so the flip camera was better to me than the pop-up ones.

          At the time it looked like it might convince Asus to expand their UK offerings.

          Unfortunately the 7 and then 8 turned out to be more expensive and removed the odd feature or two.

          Reminds me a little of Nokia of old. Occasionally a well spec'd sensibly priced phone would escape into the wild. That was clearly noticed because it's replacement would be a lower spec/features but higher price.

      2. lglethal Silver badge

        Re: Size?

        I've been looking at the Zenfone 8, but the lack of a MicroSD slot makes me wary. 256GB internal storage is enough for now without a doubt. But in 5 years time, will it still be?

    4. JTatts

      Re: Size?

      Samsung s10e, I'm super happy with mine.

    5. druck Silver badge

      Re: Size?

      the USB socket is failing, so charging is becoming a problem

      Get a small plastic pick and remove the pocket gunk from the socket. I thought my S7's USB was failing as only one cable would charge it, and only if pushed in just right. After cleaning it out, any cable charges it without problems, and the phone has another few years of life.

  3. ShadowSystems

    Sounds interesting, but...

    Please forgive the question, but I couldn't see the images to tell if the phone includes things like a headphone jack or a MicroSD slot. I heard that headphones were included, but are they wired, wireless, or some strange hybrid of which I have yet to encounter?

    Thank you for the answer & enjoy a pint in gratitude.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sounds interesting, but...

      No headphone jack, no microSD slot, no wireless charging and a small battery.


  4. Andy The Hat Silver badge


    A good review of a phone without really mentioning many of the actual phone bits ... does this mean we are finally at the point of selling cameras with a phone attached?

    1. Ken G

      Re: Excellent.

      I seldom use the phone camera, I would like to know which one's will lock onto 4G data through a block of concrete and which turns my voice into a tannoy announcers, plus how long the battery lasts.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Excellent.

      Maybe the review just tries to avoid mentioning unpleasant facts?...

    3. Mark192

      Re: Excellent.

      Andy The Hat asked "does this mean we are finally at the point of selling cameras with a phone attached?"

      Sort of.

      We're at the point where the call quality (mics, suppressing background noise etc) is near enough the same such that specialist equipment would be needed to spot differences, and those differences would be dwarfed by the butchering to sound quality that happens when we make a call (thanks to compression or whatever).

      The provided software for managing contacts, calls etc can be handled by your app of choice, should you not like the included software.

      1. Cuddles Silver badge

        Re: Excellent.

        To be fair, we're also at the point where the photo quality is near enough the same that no normal user can spot the difference. Cameras aren't a real distinguishing feature, they just have handy numbers like lenses and megapixels for marketing to get their teeth into.

  5. ICL1900-G3 Bronze badge

    Wireless charging

    Wireless charging should be illegal. It is vastly less efficient than a cable. Its usp is to make life slightly easier for the terminally idle.

    1. Mark192

      Re: Wireless charging

      The irony on a tech news site... :-D

      I assume you use the smallest monitor size currently available, so as to minimise power used?

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