back to article 'This is the worst I've seen it' says Arista boss as entire network hardware sector battles component shortages, doubled lead times for semiconductors

Semiconductor lead times are running at up to 60 weeks or twice the pre-pandemic norms, according to networking biz Arista. This chimes with talk in the UK channel that reached The Reg last week, which indicates delays in the delivery of orders as network hardware manufacturers try to juggle rising demand with the relative …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    It is interesting that you can buy almost any component you want in any quantity you want from Chinese sellers. Of course at inflated price.

    Then you have a situation when as soon as components get added to Mouser or other stores, they are gone.

    Small and medium business have no chance in this environment.

  2. Richard Pennington 1

    On the plus side ...

    I see in the news that the Ever Given has now docked at Felixstowe after its adventures in the Suez Canal.

    I understand it needed an escort through the English Channel in case it got wedged between Dover and Calais :-)

  3. Norman123

    So you want a trade war, eh?

    How is it working for the world so far? Who is benefiting?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So you want a trade war, eh?

      How is this a trade war? As I see it, this is the result of blindly throwing a huge wrench into the delicate machinery of our global supply chain, and now we are finally seeing the results.

      1. martinusher Silver badge

        Re: So you want a trade war, eh?

        If you're a 'merkan then you'll know it as a trade war. The Trump administration went full tilt at various Chinese technology companies with Huawei being just the tip of the iceberg. Its been open season on the Chinese here -- not a day goes by without the obligatory negative media article(s), the "informed speculation" and just to garnish the mess the FBI has been harassing Chinese citizens, typically researchers in US universities who are, obviously, all spies.

        In this atmosphere its not surprising that there would be a bit of Chinese pushback. It seems like more of a 'work to rule' rather than a strike, to use a labor analogy.

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