back to article Equiniti wins Northern Ireland Finance Department contract to build land revenue system... 4 years after project proposed

Northern Ireland's Department of Finance has awarded IT services firm Equiniti a contract worth up to £80m to build a land revenue and benefits system in a procurement four years in the making. The department's Land and Property Services requires a "modern digitally-enabled ICT solution" that will help with the assessment and …

  1. H in The Hague


    I get the impression the equivalent organisation in Scotland has opted for a FOSS solution:

    "It’s been around two years in the making, but we are no longer reliant on ESRI (ArcGIS), ORACLE or any other proprietary software! Aligning GIS with the organisation-wide shift to open source systems ...."

    Though their service portfolio is perhaps narrower than that of the system described in the article.

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