back to article Huawei says its latest flagship smartphones lack 5G, blames US sanctions

Huawei officially announced its latest flagship smartphones on Thursday, both lacking 5G capabilities due to ongoing US sanctions. The handsets – the P50 and P50 Pro – max out at 4G/LTE, putting them behind rival higher-end devices. They also both run Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2, which is the open-source Linux kernel and core of …

  1. chasil


    Doesn't Mediatek make a 5g modem? I remember it being suggested for Apple. Kirin and Mediatek 5g makes the most architectural sense.

    1. ARGO

      Re: Mediatek

      Yes they do. As do Unisoc.

      MTK seem to have a healthy order book at the moment, but Unisoc could do with some more customers

    2. _LC_

      Re: Mediatek

      They do but, albeit being "more than you need" to the average user, the MediaTek chips will not be found in flagships. They are too slow for that.

      1. gotes

        Re: Mediatek

        I've only found Mediatek (and Allwinner) chips in off-brand budget Chinese devices.

  2. GlasshalfHull

    Last Huawei with Google services?

    Is the P30 range the last Huawei release with the full Google app suite?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Last Huawei with Google services?

      Yes, P30 series were the last flagships to get it.

      There were a few after that - a handful of early 2020 models with google services in the Honor, P and Y ranges - but those are mid tier at best.

      I imagine Honor will get full service back now it's no longer part of Huawei though.

  3. Sensi

    That the Biden admin has kept these ludicrously arbitrary and dishonest "sanctions" (for being successful mind you), all hatively enacted on baseless and evidence-less Trumpist US allegations, lies and libels about any hypothetical "spying", which have all been long debunked from the UK to Germany by their respective intelligence agencies, etc, is a complete disgrace...

    1. gotes

      I think Huawei are innocent, but unfortunately doing business in China means you have to do what the CCP says.

      1. _LC_
        Thumb Down

        Funny, as we are reading this, because all the world has to do what the US Deep State says, apparently.

        Huawei is owned by its workers. To our Deep State mobsters this is like holy water to the devil. Imagine, a company owned and directed by its workers rising to the top - unthinkable, hell freezing over!

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