back to article Time for a 'great experiment' says Cisco as it lets team leaders set place of work

Less than a quarter of Cisco's 77,000-strong workforce want to spend three days or more in their office when COVID-19 restrictions lift – and so Switchzilla is embarking on a "great hybrid work experiment." “We know that the office has changed forever, and we won’t be returning to the office or using physical space in the same …

  1. bofh1961

    What could possibly go wrong?

    So the manager's favourite gets to come and go as she or he pleases and the bullying victim gets a miserable five days a week in the office.

    1. Wellyboot Silver badge

      Re: What could possibly go wrong?

      Lawyers will love that.

      After more than a year 'out' it's going to be hard to justify a demand to be 'in' every day for some of the crew.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: What could possibly go wrong?

        I suspect that singling somebody out like that could even be taken as constructive dismissal.

  2. Down not across


    Register readers, often but not always the most sane voice in the room, voted with their clicks early in 2021, the majority of those voting in our poll favoring a three-day week spent in their PJs and two commuting to the office.

    That's a gross simplification only due to choices available (if I recall the poll correctly) in the poll. Granted, there are too many options for a simple poll, but I would hazard a guess that better interpretation would be "...and up to two commuting to the office".

    Personally, I think once or twice a month (or at most once a week) is more than enough of horrible crowded office.

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