back to article Since it's the only way to differentiate in a Chromium-dominated market, Vivaldi 4.1 introduces 'Accordion' tabs

Browser maker Vivaldi has introduced Accordion Tabs in version 4.1 – yet another way to deal with tab overload. The functionality joins Compact and Two-Level in the array of Tab Stack styles available to users needing help with their tab habit. The Accordion style is all about preserving vertical screen space since it allows …

  1. aidanstevens

    Vivaldi is great because it gives you the feeling that you're in charge of your browser and it's working for you, and not a source of constant frustration and UI niggles.

    Download it and spend 15 minutes going through every option and learning what it does and tweaking it to your liking, it's not perfect but for power users like Reg readers it's so far ahead of the rest it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else.

    1. pip25

      "it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else"

      Watch out, there was a time when I thought the same about Firefox. ;)

      Really loving Vivaldi so far though, both on desktop and on mobile.

      1. IamAProton

        Re: "it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else"

        Agree, on desktop is one of the best option if you need a Chromium-based browser and on mobile is surprisingly light compared to other bloated competitors but most importantly it blocks ads very well. Even fairly powerful phones are stuck when browsing because of the huge amount of crapvertisement.

        I run Vivaldi on fairly old hardware (mobile) and it's really sweet.

        Also, blocking JS on mobile gives a very noticeable performance boost.

        1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

          Re: "it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else"

          "if you need a Chromium-based browser"? What if you really want a non-Chromium-based browser? Looks like Firefox is the only plausible option, and although I'm still using it, I have to say, it's getting to the point where the difference in speed is starting to be slightly noticeable (though not enough for me to want to re-googlify my life). Please, Mozilla, get your act together or you'll just be trampled (and then we'll all be screwed).

          1. ThatOne Silver badge

            Re: "it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else"

            Except they now only care to be "fresh" and "exciting", not in any way usable or useful.

            Firefox user and evangelist since Netscape's death, thus hurting a lot.

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    I mean Vivaldi getting an accordion? Makes sense.

    Accordion was only invented in 19th century, so definitely Vivaldi wouldn't have used it in his time, but I wonder what would be his words?

    "Stop squeezing this crying box! Do you have a cat in there?"

    1. That Badger

      Re: Orchestra

      Imagine two of them at the same time. I sure can, since i'm listening to "Biscaya" by James Last right now.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Orchestra

        James Last? Now THAT is a while back. Think before IBM XT :)

  3. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    North Korean link???!!!!!1

    The accordion is North Korea's "people's instrument" !

    Vivaldi is secretly a phishmalwrus!

    1. fpx

      Re: North Korean link???!!!!!

      Accordions should make you think of Al Yankovic, not North Korea. Although it is possible to combine the two. Or the three, if you open this link in a Vivaldi accordion tab:

  4. tip pc Silver badge

    How do they make their money?

    How do makers of free stuff like this fund their projects and lifestyles?

    We all know what google does to produce free stuff, what about the smaller players?

    1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      Re: How do they make their money?

      They don't make it. They get it out an ATM, like everyone else.

  5. Steve Graham

    A recent update gave us tab stacking and turned it on by default. This caused me some moments of confusion when I tried to re-order tabs by dragging and got them in a column instead. At least I'll know now that I need to turn the accordions off.

    I'm a simple soul: I never have more than 4 tabs open. Large numbers seem to me to signal chaos and disorder.

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      Tabs are great.

      When I'm doing something or reading something, I can open something else that looks interesting in another tab to read later. Then along came the ability to remember tabs and restore them on startup... when I clicked the close icon in the wrong way, it popped up a warning "Are you sure you wish to close 439 tabs?". WTactualF? How many? There must surely even be links to GeoCities, OpenLoad, and AltaVista in amongst that lot.

      Tabs are not great. Tabs are evil. Bad tabs.

  6. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    Real tab management ... I wonder why it took Viv developers this long to realise that tab handling was one of the greatest things about Opera (before they destroyed it) ?

  7. AlanSh

    I was a Vivaldi user

    I've gone back to Firefox. Vivaldi was dropping network packets somewhere (seen by the request for a page never completing) and had issues with username and password completion on several sites (reported to Vivaldi).

  8. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Accordion Confusion

    I've always imagined 'Accordion Tabs' to be what Vivaldi has always done: that is, squeeze the entire row of maybe 100s of tabs into the width of the window. Loke pressing an accordion. ( A delightful instrument in the right hands. )

    Unlike Pale Moon, Firefox, and Basilisk, to mention a few of the sane browsers that follow the proper model of going past the window and not making each tab a pinpoint.


    Apart from the modernistic UI, the main reason I would never use the repulsive Vivaldi.

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