back to article Mozilla ups its VPN game – and the price – with split tunneling for Android, iOS

Browser maker Mozilla has enhanced its Virtual Private Network (VPN) service with split tunnelling and doubled the monthly pricing plan for new customers that don't want to commit to a one year contract. The VPN service was launched a little more than a year ago, and Moz has since gradually added features and expanded the …

  1. Tom Chiverton 1

    " it will allow them to hang on to their $4.99 monthly subscription, at least for the time being. "

    Pray we do not alter the deal further.

    1. Irongut

      Re: Pray we do not alter the deal further

      He's no good to me dead.

      At a fiver a month I've found Mozilla VPN to be reliable and occasionally useful. When they alter the deal further and increase the price for everyone I may well shop around because it isn't worth double to me.

  2. Hol314

    The warm, fuzzy feeling (...) is not enough compensation for me!

    However much I would like Mozilla to thrive, I’m far too tight to splurge more than I do currently with Mullvad. Too lazy to change as well if I’m honest. Don’t know about Mozilla’s offer but Mullvad’s is valid for several devices, already has a beta version of split tunnelling on Windows, offers three flavours of doh DNS which block trackers, ads or both. Very happy indeed to have these set up on my Android devices…

  3. Cybersaber

    I never understood these 'bundles' to support charities

    When a local schoolkid tries to sell me a candy bar, I'd rather give their parent a dollar straight-up towards the goal, and forego the candy bar rather than letting some unethical company turn our kids into shills to make them profit, and their teachers waste classroom time becoming their enforcers when the kids inevitably lose their consigned merchandise.

    Same with the Mozilla Foundation. If I wanted to support them, I'd straight up give them money and cut out the middle man. If I needed a VPN (and I don't) then i'd get the best value for a VPN, and myself and the foundation would both be better off in a win-win-win.

    Keep your needs and your donations separate would be my advice.

  4. John Sager

    Roll your own

    WireGuard is mature, secure and apps are available for several OSs, including Android, iOS. I've run it for some years now on a VPN server (OpenWRT) behind my firewall and it works fine with my laptop & phone globally. Plenty of advice on the net on how to set it up.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Roll your own

      That's not going to help much for anyone wanting to avoid geoblocking.

      I'm currently using Ivacy, which is pretty good but might give Blokada's service ago as this includes ad-blocking.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just use Opera

    Opera's VPN is built in, and FREE !!

    1. Hol314

      Re: Just use Opera

      I don't suppose I need to tell you who the product is when the service is free?

      Besides, Opera is yet another Chromium-based browser, which is also Chinese-owned, incidentally. Not that the Chinese government could be suspected of holding a tight grip on its companies or have a particular interest in mass surveillance… Alibaba’s Jack Ma would certainly back me up on this!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows 7

    I tried Mozilla VPN but it doesn't support Windows 7 so I cancelled it straight away.

    For £10//month I wouldn't bother anyway.

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