back to article Iranian state-backed hackers posed as flirty Scouser called Marcy to target workers in defence and aerospace

Iranian state-backed hackers posed as a flirty Liverpudlian aerobics instructor in order to trick defence and aerospace workers into revealing secrets, according to a newly-published study. Researchers from Proofpoint said this morning they had uncovered a fake social media account being operated by state-backed Iranians, …

  1. First Light Silver badge

    Crickets . .

    I'm curious to hear a response from the several commenters who so forcefully disagreed a few weeks ago with Uncle Sam taking down Iranian or Iranian-backed sites for spreading misinformation.

    I know "all my data are belong to (the) US." I also don't believe that means Iranian cybercrimes and misconduct should be left without a proportional response. This scam is a serious assault on the UK defence industry. Let's see what the UK response is.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    patiently built up a relationship with their targets "over years"

    "But Granny Marcy! What big purse you have there," said Little Red Riding Robin Hood as he edged closer to her bed...

  3. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    UK Cyber Defence Force Commandos are currently infiltrating Iranian nuclear facilities by sending videos of the Rugby team in drag.

    UK Cyber Defense Force is currently trying to expand it's recruitment to non-traditional candidates who may have gone to a school where there were girls !

    1. ecarlseen

      Re: Retaliation

      Are you saying that the UK Cyber Defence Force would dare imply that gender is binary?!??

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Retaliation

        I think in the case of typical UK security services recruitment: gender is unitary

      2. Jedit

        Re: Retaliation

        This is cyber warfare, when you get right down to it it's all binary.

        (That was a base remark, sorry. Mine's the one with 100 pockets.)

  4. Geez Money

    I've definitely met women on these apps where this is the most logical explanation for their behaviour to date.

    1. Stuart 18

      Ahh, yes, but

      Some of us are hunky (please see icon) and liverpudlian babes swarm us! All offering naked videos with the filename 'payload.exe'. I was a bit suspicious when some old bird 'Cilla Black' started giving me the glad eye:-) though.

  5. DS999 Silver badge

    Can't believe people

    Are dumb enough to accept a random friend request from someone they don't know. Yeah yeah I'm sure they targeted "lonely loser" type guys who are perhaps more likely to accept a friend request from a young hottie, but they're the ones who should be the most suspicious if they're being honest with themselves.

    Still I guess if you try it with a few hundred people you only need a 1% success rate, and then a lot of patience if as they said it was a multi year effort.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Can't believe people

      Such is the nature of social media. I have a friend who uses FB and claims he has several thousands "friends". WTF? Maybe the "name" should be "acquaintances" instead of "friends".

      1. DS999 Silver badge

        Re: Can't believe people

        I have people who are acquaintances as "friends", and depending on who they are might accept a friend request from them even if I only met them once or wasn't sure I'd ever see them again - if they were interesting in person they might be interesting online. You can always remove them later.

        What I don't do is accept requests from people I've never met. If I see there are some mutual friends I might give them a closer look wondering "maybe I know them and just don't remember" but I figure most friend requests out of the blue are scams of some sort, or desperately lonely people that I don't want to deal with.

      2. Cliffwilliams44 Bronze badge

        Re: Can't believe people

        Such is the nature of espionage! Except now it can be done from a distance by fake personalities instead of training a hit young lady in all the tactics of spy craft.

        Some "infamous" examples are:

        Mata Hari

        Anna Chapman

        Vera Atkins

        Krystyna Skarbek (Churchill's favorite spy)

        Nancy Wake

        Pearl Cornioley

        Virginia Hall

        Targeting "techy" lonely men has always been an effective means of gaining valuable intellegence.

    2. 2+2=5 Silver badge

      Re: Can't believe people

      > Are dumb enough to accept a random friend request from someone they don't know.

      I sent a LinkedIn request to my sister-in-law and accidentally selected the woman below in the search results list. She accepted. :-0

      1. Natalie Gritpants Jr Silver badge

        Re: Can't believe people

        Would you like a job with us? Exciting, overseas travel, expenses, Aston Martin. We'll be in touch, just accept our invite.

        1. Cliffwilliams44 Bronze badge

          Re: Can't believe people

          If this includes expensive suits, high end apartments in glamorous placed all over the world, access to many attractive and willing women, all kinds of really cool gadgets and a "license to kill", then I'm in!

          1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

            Re: Can't believe people

            No thanks - imagine filling in all the risk assessment forms

        2. Rich 11 Silver badge

          Re: Can't believe people

          Have Walther PPK, will travel.

  6. Danny 2 Silver badge

    Non grata

    My Iranian girlfriend (unless she was a scouser pretending) said she was going back to Tehran to see her family. I said I'd join her because I'd love to see her country and meet her parents. "No, silly, they'd kill you."

    "Your parents would kill me? I mean I don't actually like meeting parents but that is the best excuse ever."

    "No silly,, my parents would love you. The mullahs would kill you., and they'd kill me too. We're not married."

    The best girlfriends leave you with anecdotes rather than STDs.

    1. Phil Kingston

      Re: Non grata

      nekminnit, "Can you wire me some money for the flight back to see you my love?"

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I ran

    …from Facebook many many years ago.

    1. Joe W Silver badge

      Re: I ran

      ----> (icon)

      Thanks oh so bloody much!

  8. man_iii

    Crazy electric pants

    Is it even possible to have unlimited internet access ?

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