back to article Cellnex complains regulators waved through CK Hutchison mast buyout in Europe – only sticking point is the UK

Cellnex's efforts to buy the UK mobile infrastructure assets of CK Hutchison – including some 6,000 cell towers – have hit a regulatory snag after the competition regulator opted for a full inquiry into the deal. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned about the impact the proposal might have on the …

  1. nematoad

    Of course.

    "In a statement, a spokesperson for Cellnex insisted that the deal would improve mobile coverage across the UK."

    To quote Mandy Rice Davies, "Well he would, wouldn't he."

    Does anyone really think that putting out an obvious self-serving statement like that is going to have any impact whatsoever?

    Let's wait and see what the CMA come up with before rushing to judgement.

  2. KBeee

    Isn't it funny.. wannabe monopolists always claim it'll be good for competition.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    All your tower are belong to us.

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