back to article Samsung confirms no new Note this year, but does have a pen for foldables up its sleeve

A Samsung rep has confirmed the Korean giant won't deliver a new Note phablet this year, but has disclosed a pair of new folding phones and the company's first S Pen for foldables, which will debut in August. TM Roh, Samsung president and head of the Mobile Communications Business, today posted a teaser of "foldable surprises …

  1. Irongut Silver badge

    "Deeper integration between devices (specifically Galaxy watches, and other Galaxy phones)" - also known as ditching Tizen and jumping back into Android WearOS with an exclusive deal on WearOS 3 for the first year. WearOS 3 will not be compatible with old phones because it requires a fast Samsung SoC rather than the geriatric shite Qualcomm calls a smartwatch SoC.

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